The Maltese bishops announced their plans for sacrilege last Friday… a very appropriate anniversary… I wonder if they knew

The instruction from the Maltese bishops on the implementation of AL includes ideas such as:  Conscience trumps doctrine, self adjudication of penitents, Commandments are merely “Ideals” that are impossible to live by, etc.
This announcement was made 13 January 2017, exactly 47o years after these same issues were settled for all time, in the wake of the Lutheran heresies:

The Canons And Decrees Of The Council Of Trent

13  January 1547

But, although it be necessary to believe that sins neither are remitted, nor ever have been remitted, save freely, by the divine mercy for Christ’s sake; yet is it not to be said, that sins are forgiven, or have been forgiven, to any one who boasts of his confidence and certainty of the remission of his sins, and rests on that alone; since it may exist, yea, does in our time exist, among heretics and schismatics; and with great earnestness is this confidence, vain, and remote from all piety, preached up in opposition to the Catholic Church…

But no one, how much soever justified, ought to think himself free from the observance of the commandments; no one ought to make use of that rash saying, prohibited by the fathers under an anathema; that the commandments of God are impossible for one that is justified to observe. For God commands not impossibilities, but, by commanding, admonishes thee both to do what thou art able, and to pray for what thou art not able, and aids thee that thou mayest be able; whose commandments are not grievous; whose yoke is sweet and whose burden light…

CANON XII. If any one shall say, that justifying faith is nought else but confidence in the divine mercy which remits sins for Christ’s sake; or that it is this confidence alone by which we are justified; let him be anathema.

CANON XIV. If any one shall say, that man is absolved from his sins and justified, because he assuredly believed himself to be absolved and justified… let him be anathema.

CANON XVIII. If any one shall say, that the commandments of God are, even for a man that is justified and constituted in grace, impossible to keep; let him be anathema.

You can read all this and more at a blog post from shortly after the release of AL HERE.  I concluded with this:

Time for choosing, boys and girls.  Which Church do YOU belong to?  This one here was founded by Jesus Christ. It’s worth fighting for.


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  1. From a letter to the Ephesians by Saint Ignatius of Antioch, bishop and martyr
    Make no mistake, my brothers: those who corrupt families will not inherit the kingdom of God.If those who do these things in accordance with the flesh have died, how much worse will it be if one corrupts through evil doctrine the faith of God for which Jesus was crucified. Such a person, because he is defiled, will depart into the unquenchable fire, as will any one who listens to him.

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