SHOCK! Faithless Elector who wrote NYT op-ed claiming moral superiority over Trump is likely a serial adulterer.

If you didn’t read his op-ed, his disgustingly smug, condescending op-ed, go do that before you continue. HERE I wrote about it HERE.  Certainly a man of high moral character, right? A man of conviction; a man whose conscience is so well formed, its pangs simply will not allow him to vote as he is sworn to vote.
Turns out, not so much.  He’s been found to have paid for an Ashley Madison subscription, while in bankruptcy, $200K in debt, with a working wife and three small children at home.

“Anti-Trump Texas faithless elector Stephen Christopher “Chris” Suprun, who wrote a widely-shared op-ed in The New York Times about his decision,  which would prevent him from voting for the President-elect on December 19 as he is required, joined and paid for cheating website Ashley Madison in 2012, using the same address registered to his 9/11 charity, while bankrupt, likely unemployed, and married with three young kids, after he and his working wife owed over $200,000 to multiple creditors — and that’s just the start of it. According to the data, Suprun joined Ashley Madison in February 2012, just six months after joint-filing for bankruptcy with his wife, Dianne Michelle Suprun, in September 2011, and paid for an “affair guarantee” in September 2012…Suprun, who had three kids under the age of 10 at the time, listed himself on the site as “attached male seeking female.””

Apart from the cheating, which half of America probably thinks is no big deal, what about the implications of the bankruptcy and debt? Now that we better understand this man’s true character, do you really think his vote wasn’t up for sale?
Thankfully, the mainstream media are all over this predictably lame.
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One thought on “SHOCK! Faithless Elector who wrote NYT op-ed claiming moral superiority over Trump is likely a serial adulterer.”

  1. He has also claimed to be a 9/11 hero/first responder. This of course, is not true. When will this fellow crawl back under the rock he emerged from? His 15 minutes ended hours ago.

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