The endgame is false transcendence

Creativity! The FrancisGenius is going to provide creative answers to mercyproblems, enabling new undertakings, because Francis has the Spirit!
The endgame to the dubia and the entire implementation and enforcement of Amoris Laetitia is not in yes or no answers. The endgame will be to assign the questions and criticisms to a malformed, primitive, simplistic moral theology, which needs to be enlightened by the Third Person of the God of Surprises. That is why you are hearing all the talk lately about spirits, and it will soon become clear which Spirit or spirits are on which side.
The endgame will be false transcendence. If twitter allowed more than 140 characters, it would sound something like this:
“Doctors of the law remain fixated on the ‘ideals’ of the Gospel, and indeed the ‘ideals’ remain unchanged. But the God of Surprises demands us to unleash the creativity of mercy at this time, to bring about new undertakings amidst the concrete situations of real life. This is the fruit of grace to which the spirit is calling. It is a grace that transcends mere ideals, bringing God’s profound mercy and hope to those on the peripheries.”
Does that sound about right? Francis laid the groundwork for all this through a diabolical twisting of 1 Cor 11:17-34, buried deep within AL, paragraphs #185-186. You might want to go check it out.  Much longer blog post coming on this shortly.

4 thoughts on “The endgame is false transcendence”

  1. This is discouraging but not surprising. The Chair might not be vacant but the new faith is. Let’s see, we have had lightening strikes, tornadoes, earthquakes, has anyone noticed the locust population lately?

  2. The spirit or spirits is a sign that we might be following an evil spirit or spirits, that is why when this article talks about spirit this is something very dangerous. Pope Francis fails to call it the Holy Spirit which is the only Spirit of God, Pope Francis only talks about the “spirit ” and he might be opened to an evil spirit which is deceiving the church.

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