Dear Francis, perhaps the Kingdom of God is already pretty awesome without your meddling in it

Maybe the folks over at Vatican Radio should just change the name of their publication to The Daily Heresy. HERE
Today, we get further insight into how Francis plans to wield Moral Relativism as a sacrament-wrecking and soul-destroying tool, by turning it into a virtue:

“What is the Kingdom of God?  Well, perhaps the Kingdom of God is a very well-made structure, everything tidy, organization charts all done, everything and the person who does not enter (into this structure) is not in the Kingdom of God. No, the same thing can happen to the Kingdom of God as happens to the Law: unchanging, rigidity…    the Law is about moving forward, the Kingdom of God is moving forward, it is not standing still. What’s more: the Kingdom of God is re-creating itself every day…A rigid person only has masters and no father. The Kingdom of God is like a mother that grows and is fertile, gives of herself so that her children have food and lodging, according to the example of the Lord. Today is a day to ask for the grace of docility to the Holy Spirit. Many times we are not docile to our moods, our judgements. ‘But I do what I want….’  The Kingdom does not grow in this way and neither do we grow.”

Remember the good old days when indulgences came with specified days and years credit for remission of temporal punishment?  I feel like there should be a  Francis insultometer, which indicates the actual amount of supernatural grace transmitted to the insultees based on the repungnancy of his comments. Are you a rigid closed-minded self-absorbed Promethean neo-Pelagian restorationist pickled pepper face Christian?  5 years indulgence for you! Maybe the master list can be amended with the numbers. HERE
But seriously, isn’t it obvious to everyone what is going on here? I think even a ten year old can see the Moral Relativism running rampant in these comments and throughout this papacy. The Holy Spirit is urging us Forward! We must show docility toward this urging! Hope and Change!
Francis showed his hand, definitively, in Amoris Laetitia #301 with this sentence:

Hence it is (sic) can no longer simply be said that all those in any “irregular” situation are living in a state of mortal sin and are deprived of sanctifying grace.

Full Stop.  You can’t mistake what that means, nor call it in any way “confusing”. Also, it is impossible to take that sentence out of context. Here is what it says: What was true in the past in a matter of moral theology IS NO LONGER TRUE.
Friends, God does not change. He exists outside of time. “For I am the Lord, and I change not” Mal 3:6.  Hence, his Commandments don’t change. The dogma of immutability and the immutability of dogma are one in the same. The excuse of “the changing times” has been used throughout the ages to excuse behavior condemned by God.  It’s literally as old as the bible, which itself was already old and “outdated” by the time it was assembled. Read more about it HERE.
Oh, and let me go back to that other phrase from the above quote:

Well, perhaps the Kingdom of God is a very well-made structure…

Guess what, Jorge? The Kingdom of God isn’t just very well-made, it is UTTERLY PERFECT in its unchanging magnificence, and your public mocking of it is a blasphemous mortal sin.
But nevermind that. Francis is here to unveil the “new truth” and serve as both its revolutionary and its enforcer. It was clear in his endorsement of the Kasper Doctrine before the synods.  It was clear at the synods. It was clear in the Schonborn Endorsement of AL. It was clear on the papal plane in his “I can say yes. Period.” It was clear in the response letter to the Argentine bishops.
Stop saying it’s confusing.

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  1. You are on fire. Thank you for your inspiration….it helps ward off the despair that this Pope and the sycophants spew on a daily basis.

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