Pope CalvinLuther institutes the dogma of Total Depravity

Can we at least agree that a Lutheran cannot be pope? HERE
Francis yesterday continued his twisting of the One True Faith by demonstrating, once again, that Calvinist/Lutheran theology is at the core of his own false religion. All the “mercy” that Francis talks about is NOT the mercy of God, but rather a false mercy, because it is grounded in this false idea of Total Depravity.  You absolutely MUST understand Total Depravity, and why it is false, if you want to make sense of how Francis operates.
First, here are the comments from yesterday: HERE

“Behind an attitude of rigidity there is always something else in the life of a person. Rigidity is not a gift of God. Meekness is; goodness is; benevolence is; forgiveness is. But rigidity isn’t!” he said.
In many cases, the Pope continued, rigidity conceals the leading of a double life; but, he pointed out, there can also be something pathological.
Commenting on the difficulties and suffering that afflict a person who is both rigid and sincere, the Pope said this is because they lack the freedom of God’s children: “they do not know how to walk in the path indicated by God’s Law”.
“They appear good because they follow the Law; but they are concealing something else: either they are hypocritical or they are sick.”

I’ve written so many times about this:  Francis thinks mankind is INCAPABLE of resisting sin and living a Christian life, because he personally is completely lost in sin. He doesn’t just think it is difficult, he thinks it is impossible. Instead of renouncing sin as the path to freedom, he thinks trying to live by God’s Law takes away freedom.
Kids, this is the very definition of Total Depravity.  Please go look it up. This is why the Lutherans, Calvinists, etc are not simply “variations” of a “reformed” Catholicism.  No, they are a completely different religion, because they deny that men have free will. They deny that a sinful act is the result of a person making a conscience choice to do wrong, because they believe man is so utterly inclined toward sin that resisting it is futile.
Like every wretched heresy, this one is mixed with some truth to make it plausible.  In this case, that men must cooperate with God’s grace on the path to salvation. Don’t be distracted by this. Of course we need to cooperate with God’s grace.
But that’s not all! Total Depravity goes even further, in claiming that even our GOOD choices are evil, because those choices are ultimately always grounded in selfishness. We simply are not capable of doing good, because even when we do good, we do so for our own interests. Our Will is not just impeded by concupiscence, but rather our Will is totally fallen, and we are not capable of choosing to love God.
So, why is this false?  Because Total Depravity violates God’s perfect justice. If we truly don’t have free will, then we can’t be held responsible for our actions. It wouldn’t be fair. But we see throughout scripture that man is absolutely held accountable for his decisions. I mean, isn’t this the whole point? God created us to know, love and serve Him in this world, and be with Him forever in the next. God laid out how to know, love and serve him, and now expects us to do just that. He wouldn’t do that if we were incapable of it.
Sometimes it helps to mention that God had to make the plan of salvation simple enough for the most stupid person ever born to understand it. Otherwise, imperfect justice.
I’m out of time.  Please go google some more Lutheran and Calvinist theology to further explore how unCatholic Francis really is.

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      1. As I’m sure you know, the church teaches infallibly, that Adam’s sin of disobedience weakened our wills. Adam’s sin destroyed Sanctifying Grace in our souls. That’s pretty drastic, isn’t it? Yet the Image of God remains in our souls, and our intellects, wills yearn for, are open to God’s Infinity, even though we stumble blindly. Adam’s sin of pride means that we are now self-centred. We lost our God-centreness with the loss of Sanctifying Grace. That we need Sanctifying Grace to strengthen our wills and make our choices pleasing to Him. As for the corollary truth that our most noble acts are not of themselves pleasing to God. So the church also teaches us to pray for purification of our “natural” motives, desires, drives.
        Jorge Bergoglio has made some frightening choices leading his soul to eternal damnation if he does not repent.

        1. Tom, all true except the part about noble acts not pleasing God. I could cite a hundred verses on this, but let’s just say we are talking about simply the noble act of obeying the Commandments. Obeying God’s Commandments is not pleasing to God? Is that what you’re saying?

      2. Good question. To accept that only baptized Catholics can be saved(water/desire/blood) excludes all others. The guy who strives to obey the commandments, follows the natural law, his natural conscience, inscribed in his soul. IS THIS PLEASING TO GOD? Does the act of obeying his conscience mean that he implicitly desires to accept Christ as his Saviour? That has to be the crucial judgement that only God can know. Unless one accepts that only water baptism saves. I think that the ontological waters are very deep here. And IMHO there is no final definitive answer. I’m not a scholar nor well read, however, I have the impression that Vat ll was very circumspect in treating of the salvation of Jews, Protestants and the pagan religions. Personally, I want to accept any path that makes salvation possible for the greatest number. However, I submit to the will of the Teaching Church, which obviously excludes Bergoglio. Thanks for your enquiry. I’d love to get your feedback.

        1. Tom, deep waters indeed. In the end, God can choose to save anyone he wants, and of course he has known since before creation the ultimate destiny of every soul. Yet this fact is not in contradiction to free will. Some of the questions you’re asking can’t be truly given definitive answers because of this, however, we certainly have been given enough intel to make a “best guess.”

  1. Why is Francis “intercommuning” or “connecting” with the Lutherans right now!?! Could it be for his push for the Muslim “refugees”, (aka terrorist invaders)!?!
    I read this recently from this webpage site…
    “…the countries that have taken in most people are Lutheran. They put the rest of us to shame. That might be something the pope wants to draw attention to.”
    Check out these last 3 paragraphs from the end of the same article…
    “One of the concrete calls made at the end of ‘From Conflict to Communion’ is to jointly “rediscover the Gospel for our time.” That’s vague, but I’m guessing that it could mean acting together, for example, on refugees, on which Sweden has been exceptional – which is no doubt something Pope Francis will draw attention to.
    I think we and Lutherans can say, right now, faced with this huge movement of people, what right do we have to keep people out who are poor and desperate? When our politicians tell us we’re the fifth largest economy in the world? We should be out on the byways, and inviting them in.
    It’s interesting that, apart from Italy, which has been fantastic, the countries that have taken in most people are Lutheran. They put the rest of us to shame. That might be something the pope wants to draw attention to.”
    I’m most likely considered a “lukewarm”, “unmerciful” “hypocrite” by Francis for not wanting to welcome in those “poor refugees”, also known as the savage, raping, vicious, brutal killers who have ravaged Europe so much so that the Germans are leaving their own country in droves. He can call me whatever names he likes, but I will not be welcoming the enemy into my Church or into my country!

  2. To the Calvinist and Lutheran, I quote our Lord and Savior who said:
    “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” Matthew 5:48
    If Total Depravity were true, why on earth would our Lord Jesus Christ (who is God the second person of the Holy Trinity) tell us to be “perfect”? Is he a liar or are we actually capable of reaching perfection BEFORE we reach heaven?
    He paved the way, showed us how, gave us the Holy Ghost and HIS Grace to make us perfect.
    But it is of no affect if we don’t fully trust him, accept his gift(s), and cooperate in totality with his perfect Will.
    And that IS our Free Will choice.
    Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, Wesley, et al are all heretics. Encompassing land and sea, making converts that are twice fold the children of hell.
    With so-call leaders like ‘Francis’… God Have Mercy On Us All

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