Down goes Hillary

She didn’t stumble. It’s not pollen, it’s not the heat, it’s not pneumonia.
Grandma does NOT go visit her grandbaby when grandma has pneumonia. Nope.
Pneumonia isn’t cured in two hours, so you can get back on the streets, hugging children.
Whatever her true ailment, Hillary collapsed in the arms of her handlers and had to be DRAGGED into the vanbulance.  Apparently, Dr. Feelgood can fix it temporarily with some combination of saline, Narcan, and Addy. She was back at it in no time.
Did you notice how casually the entourage coordinated the propping/dragging? Obviously not their first rodeo.  They all knew their roles and executed the escape with precision and economy of motion.
The spin from MSM is predictably hilarious. ‘Today’ on NBC showed the video, and then cut to the studio with their two puppets sitting in front of four huge glowing smiling pics of Her Palpatiness as they went into an in depth analysis of….. Trump’s tax returns.
Pravda wears Prada.
Folks, all the signs point toward this election not happening.  What are the odds of it really being Clinton vs Trump on November 8th?  What else is going to happen in the next eight weeks? Are you prepared for civil unrest in the wake of some major event that now is totally foreseeable?  If Clinton is forced out, you know they will tap Biden and he will readily step in. That might already be the plan. Do you see the violence and hatred directed toward Trump?  Is it not foreseeable that he tweets some monstrous gaffe that results in actual widespread rioting, if not direct physical harm to himself?
It’s weird and getting weirder. Be prepared.

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