The Republic is Dead: Stop being surprised

So you really thought she was going to be charged?  You’re kidding, right?
What’s that?  You say the FBI didn’t even need to prove intent, that the mere presence of the private server, its being set up and made functional itself was a criminal act?  Because said server, functioning as intended, would NECESSARILY cause classified documents to become unsecured?
Please stop.  None of this is relevant.  The only thing that’s relevant is that the republic is dead, because the Rule of Law is dead.
Remember THIS?

The central doctrine of a just republic is The Rule of Law, which has several components (even wiki gets this right):

  1. The republic is governed by laws, not by the will of its leaders
  2. All citizens are subject to the law, including the law makers
  3. Equal protection under the law

Without getting into the dozens of examples I could cite, let’s just say the Rule of Law has been dead or badly broken since at least 2010.  So everyone with a functioning brain should have been able to glean, for quite some time now, that we were careening seriously off the rails.

Stop being surprised, and start understanding.  The rules do not apply to the ruling the class.  The rules are only for peasants.
It’s now just a matter of time.

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