Benedict’s capitulation is complete

I’ve read it, re-read it, read commentary, tried to put it out of my mind.  But it’s hard.
I had been eagerly awaiting the 29 June celebration of the 65th anniversary of Benedict’s priestly ordination.  It would be a rare public appearance for the Pope Emeritus, and an even rarer occasion to hear him speak.  In fact, it would be his very first public statement since the last day of his pontificate.
This was going to be interesting, given the events of the past three years, and most especially the last few months.
Full unofficial English transcript HERE and some commentary HERE that’s hard to argue with.
First red flag right off the bat, no prepared text.  His remarks were ‘off the cuff’.  Was he told to speak off the cuff?  This was a fairly momentous event; you would think he would have prepared a statement.
Here is the money quote.  I’ve highlighted the thrice betrayal.

Thanks above all to you, Holy Father! Your goodness… moves me, it really carries me interiorly. More than in the Vatican Gardens, with their beauty, your goodness as the place where I live: I feel protected. Thank you, too, for the word of appreciation, for everything. And we hope that you will carry us all forward on this way of Divine Mercy, showing the way of Jesus, toward Jesus, towards God.

Read it and weep. Literally weep, because Benedict has just put his seal of approval on the whole sorry axis of evil that is the Bergoglio pogrom. Abandon all hope, ye who thought the Expanded Petrine Thought Experiment was actually going somewhere.
Yes, yes, I know Benedict is a modernist too.  But I just can’t get over the gushing.
I’ve been trying to come up with more to say, but I got nothin’.  Go click on the link above, Louie says it all.
I wonder how many prelates were also hoping for something more?  If they were hoping for a signal to attack, they are as disappointed as I am.

One thought on “Benedict’s capitulation is complete”

  1. Is this the man who delivered the Regensburg address? Who promulgated Universae Ecclesiae? Who, in commissioning the now vaporised 300-page dossier, made at least some attempt to uproot the evil?
    A truly bizarre statement (had anyone made it, let alone BXVI), with the “protected” remark unfathomable. “…your goodness as the place where I live: I feel protected”. Perhaps – perhaps – I might understand this sort of thing from the Msgr Riccas of the world, but Benedict?
    No, I don’t believe it. Whatever the cause, it does not compute. For me this address is as stark a warning to Catholics as the bolt which struck St Peter’s on the day of his abdication, and – call me a loon if you will – the fire falling from Russian skies some days later. We were warned then, we’re being warned now.

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