That Motu Proprio doesn’t mean what you think it means

Only the Italian text has thus far published, but Vatican Radio offered this small snippet in English:

In a new Apostolic Letter, issued motu proprio, Pope Francis has established new norms providing for the removal of Bishops (or those equivalent to them in Canon Law) from their offices in cases where they have “through negligence, committed or omitted acts that have caused grave harm to others, either with regard to physical persons, or with regard to the community itself.”

This is being spun by +Lombardi as relating specifically to the abuse of minors.  Which is exactly what the pope wants you and the press to believe.  Count me doubtful.
Go read the full release HERE.
First of all, this has nothing to do with retroactive punishment. “Father Lombardi noted that because the Apostolic Letter concerns new procedural norms, the question of retroactivity does not apply.”  It will only apply to new situations after 5 Sept.
Second, “the “lack of diligence” necessary for removal from office can exist even be “without grave moral fault” on the part of the Bishop.”
Third, it’s going to be oh so collegial, with “a new “dedicated College of jurists”, which will assist the Holy Father before he makes a definitive decision. Father Lombardi said the College would be expected to be composed of Cardinals and Bishops.”
Now let’s go back to the first quote block, tidy it up a bit, and maybe you’ll see where this is going.

Pope Francis has established new norms for the removal of Bishops where they “through negligence have caused grave harm to the community itself.”

Still not seeing it?  Well, in other news…

Archbishop Chaput to lead USCCB response to Amoris Laetitia HERE and HERE.

“Our goal is to gather what the bishops of the USA are doing and share that information with the other bishops, and then also send a report to Cardinal (Lorenzo) Baldisseri who has asked for reports from the various conferences.”

This ain’t gonna be no Humanae Vitae, where Truth is promulgated and then ignored.  No.  AL is where error is promulgated and then ENFORCED. We already know exactly where +Baldisseri stands, with his numerous heretical statements disputing the immutability of the Church and Her teachings. So really the only mystery that remained was how the new paradigm would be enforced.  Now we know.  Any bishop failing to implement the heresy with full force in his diocese will “through negligence have caused grave harm to the community itself.” He will be tried and convicted by a college of his peers, then deposed by the pope.
I am calling it right now.

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