Bishop Schneider ups the ante, ‘Catholic’ news outlets fold


The silence continues to be deafening.
Bishop Athanasius Schneider has responded to The Remnant’s open letter to him regarding AL.  It is a bombshell.  The Remnant publishes the response on their website HERE.  This is nothing less that a bishop of the Catholic Church calling out the Holy Father for preaching heresy, or at the very least, purposely promoting deception.  Maybe not outright, but certainly in so many words.

“I am agreeing with your observations as to those expressions in AL (“Amoris laetitia”), and especially in its VIII’s chapter, which are highly ambiguous and misleading. In using our reason and in respecting the proper sense of the words, one can hardly interpret some expressions in AL according to the holy immutable Tradition of the Church.”

This is a really big deal.  Yet I can’t seem to find ANYONE reporting on it, not even so-called Catholic blogs, news services, etc.  Go right now and search for “bishop schneider responds to remnant.”  Crickets!
I will write more on the substance of the original open letter, and this his response. But first I just had to notice the crickets.

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