Pope on a Plane, Lesbos Edition

We should just rename it Heresy One.  The plane, I mean.  We could have a contest to come up with a neat logo.  I think the logo should include a Triregnum tiara and an ermine trimmed mozzetta.  Maybe the tiara should be inverted.  Any artists out there?
You don’t need to wait for the official translation, and I see one has gotten it wrong already.  You just need to watch the video.  It doesn’t matter how bad your Italian is.
Now, will all the Pollyannas please stand up?  I don’t want your apologies, and I don’t want your excuses.  You can skip all that.  But please, won’t you now join the cause?
Souls are at stake.  Your soul is at stake.  This abomination must be called out.  +Francis must be accused, tried, deposed, and his entire papacy anathematised.
It’s sort of a big deal.

3 thoughts on “Pope on a Plane, Lesbos Edition”

  1. Thank you for you honest and straightforward calling-out of the heresy. It is such a relief and so refreshing in the middle of all this equivocation and outright denial by so many. DWhere in the world are Cardinals Burke, Sarah, and the few others left? The deafening silence after Amoris Laetitia surely can not last.

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