Revealed Truths: WWJD?

Time for a lesson on Revealed Truths. HERE and HERE. There are three classes of revealed truths: Truths formally and explicitly revealed, truths revealed formally but implicitly; and truths only virtually revealed.
Now, speaking of divorce and remarriage, understand this:  Church teaching on this matter is not the result of some complex, deeply thought-out theological exercise.  It doesn’t require advanced degrees.  It isn’t something the Church struggled with until Augustine or Aquinas came along to figure it out. In fact, the Church didn’t have to spend five seconds figuring out the teaching.  Why?
Because not only is this teaching a revealed truth, it is a revealed truth of the FIRST CLASS, from the very lips of our Lord, with absolute clarity, in Matt 19:9 and Luke 16:18.  Sorry to bust out the bible on your cheatin’ heart, but boom, there it is.
It’s also important to consider the context on this issue as we see it revealed in scripture.  Jesus is not reinforcing an established law of Jewish tradition, He is REVERSING the tradition.  This is a showstopper, folks. The Jews, lacking the spiritual benefit of two out of three Persons of the Holy Trinity, had allowed their hearts to harden.  So Moses let ’em slide. Jesus was standing up to say STOP; I am commanding the restoration of the indissolubility of marriage. Restoration, as in, back to the way it was created in the first place (Matt 19:8). Restoration, as in, taking a piece of fine old furniture, tarnished and banged up, and restoring it to all its original beauty.
So when +Francis in AL goes about eliminating culpability for the sin of divorce and remarriage, otherwise known as ADULTERY from 33 A.D. until last Friday, make sure you understand that he is commanding the direct contradiction of the command of Jesus.  He’s commanding all the bishops around the world to institute sacrilege in their diocese by finding ways to accompany public adulterers on the path to the Eucharist by way of the adulterous relationship, which he declares to be infused with supernatural grace.
But wait, there’s more!  +Francis isn’t claiming the objective situation doesn’t exist, he’s just claiming it doesn’t matter.  If you say it does matter, you are a mean doctor of the law. We are being asked to ignore the facts on the ground in order to embrace the possibility of mercy for actions which are objectively disordered.  In declaring this new praxis, he extends Church authority to the subject of culpability, a subject for which She has no capacity to judge specific cases in absolute terms.  Only God knows.  Yet instead of erring on the side of the plain public facts as we know them, +Francis thinks it is better to unleash scandal and sacrilege across the world.
God will not be mocked, and we know that the gates of Hell will not prevail. We just don’t know how Act III plays out.
Cheer up and join the war.

3 thoughts on “Revealed Truths: WWJD?”

  1. Smashing. A short and direct path to the truth.
    It is a sad reality that those who have the Duties to Teach, Rule, and Sanctify (Bishops) refuse to discharge those duties and so it has been left up to courageous laymen to act.
    Prolly that failure is owing to may things, the sodomisation and feminisation of the Hierarchy that has resulted in epicene ecclesiastics and there is also the success of the revolution which supplanted the perfect society with an anthropocentric shadow church (a shadow has no substance) but whatever’n’hell is responsible for the dereliction of duty, the clear result is that we laymen must cooperate with God (who only works through volunteers) to place before the world the incontrovertible truth and to turn a deaf ear to all of the sissies and sally’s who try and call men like you a scandal.

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