Red Flag Warning from Nurse Claire

A warning about Dr. Joe Mercola

I am sure that many of my readers have followed Dr. Joseph Mercola over the years; I know I have so it only stands to reason that anyone who is interested in natural remedies to heal ailments would be interested in what he has to say.  Over the years, Dr. Mercola has been a powerhouse of information and products pertaining to nutrition, supplements, and natural health remedies.  He could get a little New Age-y at times, but I told myself I could ignore & look past those things.

Well, it looks like his New Age practices have finally caught up with him…


10 thoughts on “Red Flag Warning from Nurse Claire”

  1. Picking up from Nurse Claire’s final paragraph, here’s a prayer composed by St.Alphonsus for Pentecost:

    ‘Holy Spirit, grant me light, fervour and perseverance.’

    Short, punchy, easily memorised and effective.

    (And coincidentally, I was confirmed on June 4th, 19 mumble-mumble).

  2. I would say that roughly 80 to 90% of Mercola mentions is fine (and in fact, very effective). He, like many these days, does have a few dangerous suggestions, however. There’s something called the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which he espouses, and involves weirdo, New-agy tapping nonsense. Avoid stuff like that.

    Also, I’d stay away from anything to do with “accupuncture.” Whenever there’s a doubt, one can reference what Mercola says against other naturopathic doctors. You can also Google search specific terms (i.e., treatment suggestions) with words like “New Age” to determine its origin and acceptability for Catholics. Everybody must possess these basic Internet detective skills, nowadays.

    To his credit, Mercola’s one of the few MDs who have a comprehensive (naturopathic) understanding of health and physiology. Just be mindful of those bugaboos; keep your attennas alert at all times.

  3. Hope natural medicine, like herbs and oils, doesn’t count as New Age. I have looked into this, and before Rockefeller replaced natural medicine with pharmaceuticals, pretty much every doctor used these. In fact, if natural medicine did not work, pharmacists wouldn’t bother to artificially synthesize what is found in nature.

  4. Last year, Mike Church reported on his radio show that Mercola admitted that he and his company invited some New Age, occult practice in guiding business decisions.

    Most famous naturopaths in the news today have, it appears, SOME connection to the occult.

    1. I’m just stunned you all didn’t know this already. Anyone that goes completely natural/herbal will at some point worship the occult.

      Medicine is not all bad, but if you think it is you end up following quacks like Mercola.

      No one thinks critically, thinks with nuance. And that’s why we have Trad Catholics on the Pachamama train. Smh

      1. That is perhaps the dumbest thing I have heard in a while. God created nature. It is asinine to conclude that embracing nature over the result of hubris (“medicine” is the attempt of man to do better than God) especially since modern medicine, almost as a whole, rejects the wisdom of the past (which is why doctors recommended artificial/manufactured formulas over breast milk in the 60s and 70s).

        No. Mercola’s issue, and the issue of other naturopaths, but not all, is the worship of health. Rather than embrace suffering, and accept death, Mercola and his ilk obsess over doing everything right (and buying their supplements) to have no suffering and evade death.

        The issue isn’t reliance on nature to treat illnesses. Humans have been doing that since Adam.

        1. I never said to reject nature. I said something to the effect that if you follow naturalists and herbalists today you’re going to run into the occult.

          Secondly, God gave us an intellect. That is good. Medicine does good things. When I broke my back I had modern medicine fix it with bolt and screws and fused bone. To handle the mind boggling pain I was put on opioids. If this had not happened I would have been paralyzed at the age of 40.

          Now go ask Dr. Mercola to do this.

          Oh and HCQ and Ivermectin are not 100 percent natural medicines.

          But hey you do you.

      2. Except we don’t have any measurable number of traditional Catholics on the Pachademon train. That’s a fiction. I know you feel the need to shoehorn at least one shot at trads into every post, but that was a pretty artless effort.

        And the next person I hear suggest that all medicine is bad will be the first. There’s a distinction between being anti-medicine and losing trust in the medical industrial complex in its present politicized and corrupted state… and it’s not a particularly subtle distinction. One position is fanatical, the other is perfectly rational, justified, and prudent.

        Now that Mercola has outed himself, Catholics capable of critical thinking (I’ve seen them in the wild, they do exist) will look elsewhere for alternatives. Anyone with two good eyes and a lick of common sense who’s been down this road already knew that alt medicine was a new age minefield. So much that it should be assumed that any naturopath you come across is into some dippy eastern George Harrison-type weirdness until conclusively proven otherwise. That doesn’t change the reality of what Big Med has become, or diminish the need for finding alternatives to a system that cannot be trusted.

      3. Well, did you do the research and see what medicine was over a hundred years ago and what motivated the shift to pharmaceuticals? If natural medicine did not work why do chemists try to synthesize the same useless chemical compounds found in nature?

        As with most things the prestige of “the science” disabled all critical thinking, so now people are convinced it is all quackery because “the science” would have it so.

  5. Also as for the article, that’s what happens when you worship health, environmentalist, or any other substitute for the Triune GodHead. People are inherently religious, people need and will worship something and become fanatical about it. The only outlet is God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, The Holy Catholic Church. “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.”

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