Unpopular truth: There are more people today living as ‘ex-gays’ than there are those leading homosexual lives

(LifeSiteNews) — “Pride Month” has just begun, a month when woke identity politics takes center stage for 30 days, relentlessly driving home the unfounded neo-Marxist claim that homosexual and transgender-identifying individuals are members of oppressed victim classes who, in the name of justice, must be elevated to prominence. Meanwhile, the rest of society — including children in school systems, corporate employees, government employees at every level, and even those in the military and the world of sports — must bend a knee in homage to those who in reality are troubled souls.

Here’s an extremely unpopular truth: There are more people today that are living as “ex-gays” than those leading homosexual lives.

And here’s another: There are also likely more people who experience “sex-change regret,” desperately seeking to find healthcare professionals willing to help them “revert” to their God-given sexual body functions, than there are those seeking so-called “gender-affirming” care.

In order to call attention to this inconvenient truth that challenges both the popularly accepted media narrative AND the political power amassed by those exploiting homosexuality — to squash the immutable truth about the complementarity of the sexes in order to reshape the western world, bleeding dry marriage, man, woman, and the family of all meaning — the Ruth Institute has deemed the first Sunday in June as “Ex-Gay Day of Visibility.”

More: https://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/reclaiming-pride-month-june-2-is-ex-gay-visibility-day/

2 thoughts on “Unpopular truth: There are more people today living as ‘ex-gays’ than there are those leading homosexual lives”

  1. As Ms. Barnhardt had awhile ago brought up the suspect homosexuality of Bergolio in Argentina, recently Vigano made some public accusations that is upsetting some of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” Catholic professional crowd.

    But considering Bergolio’s heresies and policies, circles and staff, it all adds up doesn’t it?

    Next Stage: Tucho “Allows” Homosexual Pseudo-Marriages

    Slowly but Surely: Francis Has Begun Corrupting Poland

    1. The revelations that Antipope Bergoglio is himself a homosexual predator and abuser has completely freaked out the controlled opposition. They were placed into their positions to pretend to oppose him but to ultimately protect him. Eric Sammons sounds like he is in total panic to the point that he doesn’t even care if he exposes himself as CIA-controlled opposition. (Take a look at his LinkedIn profile, and it is clear that he is a CIA agent.) He must protect antipope Bergoglio in any way possible. That is his mission:

      “Accusing the pope of sexually abusing seminarians without proof is as despicable as the Jesuit priest saying that John Henry Newman was gay.

      If you have proof, your Excellency, bring it forward. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut.”

      He sounds angrier at Archbishop Vigano than he has ever been at Antipope Bergoglio. That is a dead giveaway that he is controlled opposition. Who ever said it is “without proof”? Archbishop Vigano said he HAS the proof. Eric Sammons is really blowing his cover. You always know this controlled opposition circus crowd because (1) when something effective is actually going to happen, in this case to Antipope Bergoglio, they try to stop it, and (2) he follows the playbook of holding real Catholics and the opposition to far higher standards, in this case to higher standards of proof, than to which he would ever hold heretics.

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