ICYMI, Biden has now authorized strikes on Russia with U.S. weapons

Go to Confession. Right now.

7 thoughts on “ICYMI, Biden has now authorized strikes on Russia with U.S. weapons”

  1. Two Russian nuclear radar stations have been hit by US -supplied drones. This is a bigger escalation than the Cuban Missile Crisis. And it seems that no one cares.

    Thank the Catholic Church’s popes for not consecrating Russia to Mary’s Immaculate heart. They had 43 years from 1917 to 1960. And post 1960, though the die had been cast, a consecration would’ve significantly shortened the misery.

    Instead we had a consecration to Mary of Russia and Ukraine by the false prophet of the antichrist Bergoglio, and in the language of the prayer it is clear he consecrated them to Pachamama, not Mary. And this is all under the context of evil Bergoglio consecrating Pachamama in the Vatican in 2019.

    Things have been insane since 2019. There is no logic to anything anymore. Not even the evil being done. It’s over, folks. It’s over.


  2. We know from Our Lady of Fatima that Russia has a future in Gods graces. There is no Church-approved prophecy or apparition that mentions or even hints of the United States. Stay confessed cause tomorrow is NOT guaranteed.

    1. Canada isn’t mentioned either in prophecy, nor most of the 190 or so countries. If you know Fatima, Mary wanted the conversion of Russia, which would only be accomplished through the consecration to her Immaculate Heart. That indicates the dire need of what was to happen: the Bolshevik revolution, communist and its ideas spread all around the world. All people have a future in God’s graces. Mary singled out Russia because of how dangerous the situation was.

      Indeed, church approved prophecies that single out a country by name are almost non-existent. But you see, that time has passed.

      Jesus Christ told Sister Lucia that unless the consecration was done by 1960, all would be lost. And so it has.

      Tomorrow is not guaranteed, for anyone, including the Russians. Russia’s Catholic population is .5 % of the total. In the US it is 18 to 20 percent.

      I don’t know why you think when the end comes an atheist and Orthodox country is going to fare better than anyone else. In 1917 Russia was the epicenter of the greatest ideological evil shift in world history, a shift that eventually produced Jorge Bergoglio, George Soros, and on and on. Mary didn’t single Russia out because they were special to God, above and beyond anyone else, but because of the danger Russia posed.

      Take your own advice. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow.

  3. The recent attacks inside Russia were accomplished with direct U.S. involvement as it required their satellites and other expertise that does not exist in Ukraine. So the excuse that the Ukraine went rogue to act on it’s own this time doesn’t fly.

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