6 thoughts on “How to play it “straight” during Faggotrygate”

  1. Don’t these cleric understand gossiping is a sin? Either this piece of news was intended to get out to prime those who read it to have a certain mindset or the clerics responsible don’t believe gossiping is a sin. If Frankie did not intend for this rumor to get out we can expect some clerics to be resigned very soon.

  2. . . . Bergoglio trying to be a non antipope (i.e., a real pope) to throw off moderates and traditionalists while Tucho, quietly behind the scenes, cranks out Amoris Laetitia 2.0.

  3. At this point, I don’t care what he says. He’s not the pope, never was, and therefore, he’s irrelevant to my Catholic faith. Like his spiritual father (satan), he exists to spread confusion. One minute he’s the poster boy on the cover of Advocate magazine and now, he’s complaining about faggotry while surrounding himself with a cast of characters that make the men of sodom look like WW2 era marines. Also, wasn’t he dying of pancreatic cancer a couple years ago? The whole thing is right up there with covidism, Trump’s trashy show trials, and Ukrainian propaganda. Poorly scripted, poorly acted, trash.

  4. I previously spoke and wrote, “May his end be as Arius’s”, but now realise that would be orders of magnitude too good for him.

  5. A scapegoat diversion from other minions? Yet they do turn on each other I read somewhere. God help us.

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