In space, no one can hear you scream

Alien premiered 45 years ago tonight, May 25, 1979. It was at the time a unique mix of sci-fi, horror, and suspense. The trailer alone is super creepy. Although the sequel Aliens is widely regarded as superior to the original, to me that is like comparing apples and oranges. It spawned a bunch more sequels after that, some good, some bad. Ironically, the original itself could have been called Aliens, as there are two species discovered on the planet, something not explored until the terrible prequel Prometheus decades later. Anyway folks, two things to remember here. 1. Aliens don’t exist, but if they do, they are demons. I have a feeling we are going to learn more about this, very soon. 2. AI cannot ever think for itself, it can only do what it is programmed to do, no matter how complex. There are two examples in this movie. Cheers!

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  1. Absolutely apples and oranges. Alien is a Ridley Scott horror film, Aliens is a Jame Cameron action film (and the third is a David Fincher art film that just didn’t work). The first two are exceptional in their respective genres.

    We just watched a 35mm print (complete with artifacts, noise, and reel changes) of another old alien horror movie last night: John Carpenter’s The Thing. Definitely a gross-out, but man it holds up well.

    1. I remember The Thing being trashed as a B movie at the time of its release, and I was like, are you kidding… this is genius.

      1. It was savaged by critics at the time, and it totally bombed (E.T. came out the week prior, I believe). It took years for the movie to get its due.

  2. This post about the horror movie Alien reminds me of something that the Irish Catholic journalist Gemma O’Doherty was discussing a few days ago about the origin of the horror genre: “All the filth that has been imposed upon our beautiful and wonderful Catholic civilization. The horror genre was designed by the Jews to keep the goyim in fear and to traumatize children at a very young age and continue to. Today we have grown men who spend their lives talking about the latest movie and analyzing it ad nauseum, the same way they analyze a football match. Sadly, if you go into an Irish pub tonight, this is what Irish men will be discussing–either films or football. This is about the dumbing down of our people. This is what the Jews have done so brilliantly.”

    It really is true what she says. Catholics should be living Catholic lives, but they have been so indoctrinated by Hollywood and sports and so used to filth and vulgarity that it has created a trauma bond, and they cannot give it up. Why in 2024 are Catholics still discussing sports and Hollywood films? at 20:00.

    1. We go to the movies because we like stories. Particularly those of the hero’s journey, the triumph of good over evil, the tragedies of fallen men in a fallen world, and the exploration of ideas and hypothetical things that help us to better understand and appreciate God’s Creation and the humanity He saw fit to redeem, wherein His written word is filled with genres, action, suspense, sinful things, and even horror.

      Many of these things can also have no Jewish involvement, you know?

      If you don’t like it, you’re welcome not to go. Though somewhere out there is also someone whose standard for a good Catholic life means never to set foot in a bar or indulge in any alcohol at all.

    1. Because there have been claims made that we are in possession of technology of non-human origin. There has been Congressional testimony on this.

  3. Do you know that some New Agers channel these “ETs”, or that Obama claimed that should they be real, we would invent new religions?

    The new “Christ” is probably the antichrist.

    1. I find it interesting that the new norms for discerning apparitions cannot vouch for anything being supernatural, yet ETs are lumped in with supernatural phenomena at the same time. There is an entire category of phenomena called preternatural that has vanished.

  4. The expressions of surprise, shock and disgust on the faces of the actors during the John Hurt “Alien chest scene” were absolutely real… the actors were not told ahead of time what was about to happen.

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