Queen of Ukraine biolabs, Victoria Nuland, wants to bomb Russia right this damn minute


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RADDATZ: Thanks to James. I’m joined by Victoria Nuland, former Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs in the Biden Administration. Good morning to you. These are the largest gains we have seen in Russia, as James just explained. President Zelenskyy directly blaming the delay of foreign aid. Can they turn this around?

VICTORIA NULAND, FORMER UNDER SECRETARY OF STATE FOR POLITICAL AFFAIRS OF THE UNITED STATES: I think they can certainly turn this around, Martha. But the six-month delay certainly made a difference. The frontline for Ukraine needs the artillery that we are sending. They need more air defenses. They need to be able to stop these Russian attacks that are coming from bases inside Russia. So, I think there’s also a question of whether we, the United States and our allies, ought to give them more help in hitting Russian bases, which heretofore we have not been willing to do.

RADDATZ: And do you think they should?

NULAND: I think if the attacks are coming directly from over the line in Russia, that those bases ought to be fair game, whether they are where missiles are being launched from or where they are where troops are being supplied from.

I think it’s time for that because Russia has obviously escalated this war, including, as you said, at the beginning, attacking Russia’s second city, Kharkiv, which is not on the front lines, and trying to decimate it without ever having to put a boot on the ground. So I think it is time to give the Ukrainians more help hitting these bases inside Russia.

RADDATZ: One of the reasons that the administration has hesitated is because they believe it will escalate things even further with Russia, pull the U.S. further in. Why not – why – so why do you think that’s a good idea?

NULAND: Because it’s Russia that has escalated this war. Russia has learned how to pull its forces back out of the range where we have allowed Ukraine to use our weapons and get our support. So, they are getting a direct advantage in this war from our hesitation, and they have escalated massively. As you know, they have flattened a third of Kharkiv without ever having to get on the ground there. So, it is time to stop that and help Ukraine push them back…

10 thoughts on “Queen of Ukraine biolabs, Victoria Nuland, wants to bomb Russia right this damn minute”

  1. I heard from somewhere that Victoria Nuland is an Ashkenazi, which is important to the story, because Ashkenazi are ethnically Khazarians, who converted to Talmudism and used the precepts of the Talmud to subjugate non-Talmudists to their oppressive regime. The Khazarian Empire was kicked out of Ukraine by a combined effort of the Kievan and Muscovite Rus. Since then, the Ashkenazi have worked tirelessly to destroy the Rus, and retake “Khazaria”…or Ukraine.

    Hence, Nuland’s obsession with Ukraine and destroying Russia and Russians.

      1. Her father was Sherwin Nuland, a professor at Yale and advocate of euthanasia (albeit not for himself). Their name had been Nudelman. She is married to a very leftist “historian” Robert Kagan.

      2. And to be clear, all this means she is indeed Ashkenazi / somewhat Khazar. Born to hate Rus & also Christ.

        Interesting to think that the Rus are destined to be pretty much the best Christians – after 2 events, 1) consecration of Russia to Mary’s IH, 2) they fully accept both Mary & Peter.

        1. Any consecration to Mary and her Immaculate Heart would lead to a conversion of Russia to Catholicism. The consecration did not happen by 1960, which according to Christ Himself, was the last chance.

          Russia is led by a communist turned fascist who uses religion to pacify the people. He is a malevolent psychopath. He just happens to be correct in this war.

  2. The bolsheviks still at work killing off white Christians. They must have missed a few left in Russia…or maybe it’s just all about getting more Americans killed off fighting their wars? This woman installed Zelensky who has vowed to battle til every Ukrainian is dead. The Holodomoor wasn’t enough murder for them. Every nation on earth is now ZOG, and these “wars” are simply their genocidal power and land grabbing. Our “ally”, right.

    1. She didn’t install Zelensky, however a rich Jewish oligarch did, a man named Kolomoisky. I’m sure she was delighted with the choice.

      1. Of course, deflection off the jew representing America. They work both sides, there is no difference. Interesting how the bolsheviks in Russia just melted away, but now they have jewish “oligarchs”, instead of evil Catholic Tsars. They control Putin and Xi, just like the “Biden” actors. Theater, while killing whites.

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