Current U.S. Presidential Polls Explained in One Graph

Well, okay, two graphs.

Oh and remember, much of the inflation was spurred by the disastrous Covid spending prior to Biden taking office.

But still.

The DNC strategy of the early debate next month gives them the ability to pivot, remove and replace, if he isn’t given sufficient stimulants or otherwise freezes up.

The graphs (WSJ):

3 thoughts on “Current U.S. Presidential Polls Explained in One Graph”

  1. Yeah that’s the one part my trumpster friends neatly disregard . That 6 trillion dollar CARES act spending package that was an increase in federal spending of 50% which HAS NOT COME BACK DOWN. All started by orange man bad, and not discussed because my team good, yours bad. All the while we are drowning. And the theatrics continue apace, while team blue and team red are laughing in your face. I’m so done with it all. If we had guts we would stop this. But we don’t so here we are.

  2. The biggest 1 year jump in debt in US history, including World War 2 was from 2019 to 2020 under Trump. That was the beginning of the end.

    Because the US does baseline budgeting and we haven’t had a budget since 2008, Trump raised the spending levels and they’ve not and will not go down.

    Leave aside the bioweapon Trump deployed on the US, killing millions. His lockdown strategy and letting the CDC vent and kill you with remdesevir led to generational trauma.

    Mr. “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” never built the wall, never drained the swamp, led people to their demise on January 6, killed people with his Covid policy and killed millions with his “warp Speed vaccine”. And to add insult he sold personalized bibles during Holy Week this year.

    He and Biden are the same person: head to toe feces.

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