Nurse Claire sends: Distractions Abound

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While you were looking at this…

and this

and this

The WHO was putting its finishing touches on a treaty for global health that member states will vote on at the end of this month.

Notice very few, if any, mainstream media outlets are talking about this. They spent the winter distracting you with Taylor Swift’s boyfriend (who really cares?), running a giant psy op with the Hamas vs Israel narrative, and now wall-to-wall coverage of the Trump scandal involving a porn star.

But this WHO treaty is the biggest news story of the year. Why? Because the treaty on global pandemic responsiveness will affect literally every square inch of the globe, and remove all national sovereignty from member states. Remember when Sweden refused to lock down? And when parts of the U.S. remained relatively free? That’ll all get the kabosh when this treaty is ratified.

With the declaration of a global health emergency, literally ANYTHING that the WHO deems a threat, the World Health Organization will have the power to override any local government response. You can be locked down and force-vaccinated under this treaty. This is the end game for totalitarianism; the communists aren’t just coming – they’re already here.

In March 2024, the WHO launched its climate toolkit for physicians and healthcare providers – essentially what amounts to talking points that attempt to convince doctors that “climate change” is a public health crisis that they must address.

Environmentalism and public health have now joined forces to enforce worldwide communism. And if you’ve been paying attention, this should come as no surprise.

Arise, O Lord, and let Thy Enemies be scattered. Let those that hate Thee flee from before Thy Face. Show us Thy Face, O Lord and we shall be saved.

6 thoughts on “Nurse Claire sends: Distractions Abound”

    1. Start right now by arming yourself with the facts and start talking. Talk to people you have in-person access to. Set up up a YouTube channel and a backup one on Bitchute and/or Rumble for the ones you don’t. Present the facts and don’t leave any openings where you could be dis-credited. If/when things happen, be disobedient and be public about it to show others the absurdity of it. No masks. No isolation. No compliance with lockdowns. And above all, no “vaccines”. Don’t worry about losing friends or losing your job – I lost both during covidism and God took care of me with a job I actually liked and new friends that were 100x better than the ones I lost. Be not afraid.

  1. Oh, you insidious doom-mongers!

    Just because the Church in the form of its human leadership a short time ago folded like a cheap suit, abandoned all one hundred sheep in the wilderness, denied access to the sacraments and in response to world governments telling them to ‘Jump’ basically replied “How high?” doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t have our backs if times get rough again.

    Then again, maybe it does…so while we are to a large extent fatherless, let our prayer be:

    Tibi Domine derelictus est pauper, pupillo tu eris adjutor.

    (On you, O Lord, the unfortunate man depends, to the fatherless You will be a helper).

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