12 thoughts on “Will Our Lady of Fatima be cancelled on May 17th by the very men she warned about?”

  1. My prediction is: Argentine apparitions, good, Fatima, LaSalette, Akita and others favored by Trads, bad, Medjugorje: wait and see.

  2. This one will be interesting. Fatima is so ingrained into Catholic culture. If antipope bergoglio and kissy think they can dis-credit it, I don’t think anyone will listen. LaSalette and Akita aren’t as well known, so an attack on them might have some effect with lukewarm, liberal Catholics. But for those of us who do believe, following the Church’s official declaration of both as worthy of belief, I can’t foresee much defection. Still, the audacity that these two wicked heretics think they can cancel Our Lady just adds to the evidence that they hate her.

  3. It’ll backfire and only invite more interest in the prophetic messages of Fatima, especially now that Russia is telling the UK they’ll blow the crap out of any military installations of theirs if any one of their missiles to Ukraine enters Russian territory, and is also running nuclear drills as a final warning to the rest of the NATO dopes. Meanwhile, the Israeli-controlled USA has long past succumbed officially to all of the errors of communism while throwing pro-life old ladies into solitary confinement with the lights off for life, while Rome has clearly lost the faith.

    I will be highly amused to read the spin that Kissy puts out to explain to us how much Mary would like sodomites to be blessed, and how displeased she might be because we say too many rosaries and need to tone it down a bunch.

    Maybe he’ll throw in some new novel mysteries for kicks, after the example of JPII’s luminous ones.

    The Merciful Mysteries:
    1. Jesus redistributes food and drink.
    2. Judas desires to spend money on the poor.
    3. The father forgives the prodigal son without any requirements.
    4. Jesus gives more emphasis to women and the outcasts.
    5. Jesus empties Hell.

    You know it’s coming. As an added benefit, Catholics will be encouraged to permanently replace all 15 decades without only this 5-decade one’n’done. And just wait until you hear Frankie’s new intentions for the “Pope.”

    Also, the Miracle of the Sun, was really just the warm experience of local togetherness everyone shared, which God used to bless Portuguese socialist fascism.

    Mary was a happy woman, she is never sad or angry or worried about the future, even if she feels deceived sometimes… also, because Francis loves her so, he will be giving us women deacons. Da spirit is moving, thank you, send money, bye-bye.

    1. Fr. Stefano Cecchin, president of the Pontifical International MarianAcademy, indicated their plans in 2023: “It is important to provide clarity because often presumed messages generate confusion, spread anxiety-inducing apocalyptic scenarios or even accusations against the pope and the church. How could Mary, mother of the church, undermine (the church’s) integrity or sow fear and conflict, she who is mother of mercy and queen of peace?”


  4. Truth to be told there are a lot of questionable reports of marian apparitions. There are at least three questions to ask: 1] Are the messages doctrinally sound not contradicting the faith? 2] Does it help the faith of the people? Do people convert, return to the church, reform their lives? 3] Is it a supernatural event?

    I have seen cases where two of the three boxes are checked but lack a third.

    On top of that, God habitually takes defective persons and events and brings about good in spite of the defects.

    1. Well, “the Latin language is be retained”… and at the same time “greater use of the vernacular is to be encouraged”. Love these non-Catholic Modernist heretics and their word salads.

  5. Fatima has given credence by too many Popes to cancel that one. I actually just finished the book by Sister Sasagawa’s spiritual director, Father Yasuda: Akita, the Tears and Message of Mary”. I believe that one too. It was originally suppressed for some years and now it is suppressed again.

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