NYC Mayor Adams says the quiet part out loud: These are NOT student-lead protests

(Just remember, there is no good side to be on, but this is remarkable. -nvp)

Adams, NYPD cite ‘global’ effort to ‘radicalize young people’ after 300 arrested at Columbia, CUNY

New York City Mayor Eric Adams slams movement to ‘radicalize our children’ amid widespread anti-Israel campus protests

New York City Mayor Eric Adams and New York Police Department (NYPD) leadership cited a “global” movement to “radicalize young people” in announcing approximately 300 arrests at Columbia University and City College that took place overnight.

“I know that there are those who are attempting to say, well, the majority of people may have been students. You don’t have to be the majority to influence and co-opt an operation. That is what this is about. And so, if we want to play the word police, you could do so. I’m going to play the New York City police,” Adams said at a press conference. “There is a movement to radicalize young people, and I’m not going to wait until it’s done and all of a sudden acknowledge the existence of it. This is a global problem that young people are being influenced by those who are professionals at radicalizing our children. And I’m not going to allow that to happen as the mayor of the city of New York…We can’t create environments while children could be in danger, and we must push back on all attempts to radicalize our young people in this city like we’re seeing across the entire globe.”




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  1. As a result of these “spontaneous” riots, Congress passed a law that criminalizes antisemitism, which includes: criticism of Israel, criticism of actions of Jewish people, pointing out dual citizenship (of nearly 100 members of Congress), saying that Jews killed Christ, etc. At least on college campi.

    It should ALSO be pointed out that Netanyahu’s Likud party organized the creation of Hamas, as they feared the PLO would organize ALL Palestinians and be harder to control. Hamas was funded, originally by the Mossad and IDF to combat the PLO. Mossad agents also trained Hamas in tactics.

    So, we now have placed Talmudists, legally, as a superior race, based on professionally organized protests that were funded by…ethnic Talmudists. Further, that same law essentially equates criticism of Israel as “anti-Americanism”. The United States is now, legally and officially, a vassal state of Zionists.

    Yes, there are no good sides in that conflict, but that conflict exists for a reason.

  2. I suspect the usual (((suspects))) are behind this, as it distracts the public from the ongoing Gaza genocide and generates sympathy for the (((suspects)))

  3. You know what? Who cared? Last week Congress passed a Ukraine and Israel funding package and Congress waived Ukrainian flags. That’s treason.

    This week Congress passed a fascist anti speech bill that will crack down on any criticism of Jews, even if you read the Bible out loud. Congressman Brian Mast wore an IDF uniform last year. All of that is treason.

    Netanyahu allowed 10/7 to happen. He propped up Hamas for years. There’s no way the IDF and Mossad , which surrounds Gaza didn’t know what was going on.

    US citizens’ vote doesn’t matter anymore, we are being replaced by illegals, everyone is sick and dying from the Trump bioweapon and now we have to coddle Jewish people. I’m done.

    The Jewish lobby runs Washington (and the Ukraine war is a Jewish war- all the players are Jewish).

    I’m tired of all of this.

  4. Looks like uncompromised Christianity is officially illegal in America.

    This is why we should never have stopped trying to convert the Jews. Now the Jews demand you burn incense to them.

    Bipartisan effort! The Republican party was happily on board this one! Any vote in America is now a vote against Jesus Christ, whom the Jews conspired against and killed. The Republicans have been warned that if they refuse to do this, then they are no friend of America’s Ceasar (The Deep State).

    1. John XXIII, Paul VI, JPII, BXVI were ALL against converting Talmudists. They held to the heresy that the “Jewish covenant” was still a valid means of salvation.

      What is most concerning about this is the Talmudic practice of the Kol Nidre prayer, in which Talmudists solemnly pray, on the Day of of Atonement, that any oath, pledge, and vow made in the next 12 months is null and void. No person with dual citizenship can be trusted.

      1. I’ll have to do a bit of research to confirm but my understanding is/has been the Kol Nidre prayer which makes “null and void any oath, pledge and vow made in the next 12 months” applies only to oaths and pledges made to goyim and the like. Not that it matters.

        So, what about the doctrine of “mental reservation?”

        The Catholic doctrine on lying
        According to the common Catholic teaching it is never allowable to tell a lie, not even to save human life. A lie is something intrinsically evil, and as evil may not be done that good may come of it, we are never allowed to tell a lie. However, we are also under an obligation to keep secrets faithfully, and sometimes the easiest way of fulfilling that duty is to say what is false, or to tell a lie. Writers of all creeds and of none, both ancient and modern, have frankly accepted this position. They admit the doctrine of the lie of necessity, and maintain that when there is a conflict between justice and veracity it is justice that should prevail. The common Catholic teaching has formulated the theory of mental reservation as a means by which the claims of both justice and veracity can be satisfied.

  5. I’m sick of it too Mike. Remember the World Central Kitchen convoy destruction – yeah it was an oops.

  6. Interesting that the mayor of NYC is apparently in a different globalist faction than the one that is running the “spontaneous student protests.” Even in Commie-Central of the Midwest, Madison, Wisconsin, the police are suppressing the tactics of the communist/globalist agitators by taking down the tents, etc. The atrocious war in Gaza is obviously a mere pretext for a planned summer of protests, and some of the politicians we would expect would be in on it turn out to be opposed to it — at least on the surface. Very interesting…

  7. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

    Israel is not my friend.
    Palestinian Muslims are not my friends.
    Catholics are my friends.
    Jesus is my friend.
    Jews are the enemies of Christ. They hate him. They hate Catholics too. Jews spit on Christians in Israel.

    Catholics have no friends in this conflict, but have a duty to stand against genocide of any people.

  8. Spontaneous springtime mass protests in an election year. How original.

    We’re getting rolled by some of the laziest, most uncreative people to ever walk the earth.

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