Not normal: Dubai gets two years of rain in one day. Go to Confession.

“Flood conditions continued to impact Dubai on Wednesday, after two years’ worth of rain fell in just 24 hours, records show. Over a half foot — 6.26 inches — of rain was recorded in the United Arab Emirates city between 10 p.m. local time Monday and 10 p.m. local time Tuesday, according to the Dubai Meteorological Office.”

20 thoughts on “Not normal: Dubai gets two years of rain in one day. Go to Confession.”

  1. Back in the late 1970’s the United States Department of Defense issued a “position paper” describing how the manipulation of weather is the next “weapons system.”

    Welcome to “geo-engineering.”

    Years ago an Air Force acquaintance who acknowledged the existence and purpose of “chemtrails” explained, “Jack, there are some days you are better off staying inside.” He knew the kinds of “particulate matter/heavy metals” were spread by these noxious white plums/trails that “winnow out” across the sky and turn a beautiful blue cloudless day into a gray misty toxic canopy.

    April 2024: ” Tennessee lawmakers vote to ban geoengineering, with allusions to ‘chemtrails’ conspiracy theory
    The bill would prohibit technologies that could modify the atmosphere. But lawmakers’ comments about it toed a line between fact and fiction.”

  2. Very few days with normal clouds where I am. I wonder if sprayed clouds could catch fire. Red alert,,?shields up anyway.

    1. I always wonder who they are who are spraying this stuff and managing all aspects of it — where does the spray come from — how is it manufactured and transported — who decides where/when the planes go, and such. The pilots must have some knowledge about it, I would think. And wouldn’t it hurt them and their families as much as everyone else, or not? I truly wonder if they’re human.

      1. And the fact that they make x marks, cris crossing each other is almost as if they’re laughing at us saying x marks the spot, die minion!

  3. I’ve been to Dubai. It never rains there. The whole area just 40-50 years ago was an un-inhabitable desert wasteland. Dubai was basically invented by the U.A.E. to be a source of revenue for a country that did not have the vast oil reserves of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait and its other neighbors. All the water that’s there is either imported or de-salinated from the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. Why? Because it never rains there.

    Was this chem-trail mischief? I don’t know and I’m not anything close to an environmental scientist to speculate. I will say that there are hardly ever any clouds in the skies over the U.A.E. to mess with (i.e. extract water). Was it an Act of God? I don’t now either but I like Mark’s advice about going to confession.

  4. This was weather. That’s all it was. Looking for an end times interpretation of every event, seeing the world this way, will destroy your mental health.

      1. Because the complete luciferian takeover of every government and institution on earth, including an openly apostate antichurch, and the total inversion of goodness, truth, and beauty in literally everything don’t really count as clues that something might be amiss. Neither does the world war the psychopaths in charge are dragging us all into. It’s just some weather and an eclipse people are needlessly freaking out about.

        (Insert “This is Fine” meme here)

      2. Right, I mean….weather can be signs of things. But if we go obsessing about it and looking for the end and trying to stay on top of what we think is happening, we sacrifice our mental health and stay off the goal. Pray, hope and don’t worry.

    1. Martinique was a cesspool of sodomy, pedophilia, fornication, and drunkenness. It was absolutely destroyed by a massive volcano/tsunami. Pompeii was a den of perversion,so bad that when archeologists discovered it in the late 1800s, they refused to publish the pictures. Giant phalluses as idols, adults in the act of sodomizing each other and children.

      Dubai is the “sin-city” of West Asia/Middle East. It is the pedo-hub of Arab nations, and is where all the Arab elites go to party away from the prying eyes of their Muslim underlings. Think SF, but worse (as Dubai caters to the wealthy and elite). To discount the wrath of God would be, I think, rather naive.

      1. You’re right Aaron. When I had to go to Dubai for business a few years ago, I was apprehensive because of the Islam thing. Well, I discovered in no time at all that Dubai is basically modern day Babylon and no one there cares one iota about Islamic dogma. A lady prostitute came onto me in the hotel bar. Clearly Islamic guys were checking me out at the hotel pool. Speaking of the hotel pool… zero modesty. From what I’ve been told by people who would know, the maids, gardeners and other low-wage workers in Dubai are slave laborers and I believe it. Dubai is a perfect example of musloid hypocrisy. The U.A.E. Invented Dubai to create a tacky, pretentious, money-making commerce center to compensate for their dwindling oil reserves. Meanwhile, the adjacent emirate of Abu Dhabi is shariah central and Fujairah is where all the slaves are kept out of sight. Oh Lord, bring on the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and convert these people!

    2. There is no conflict or fear peddling in advising others to fulfill heavenly requests/demands.

      Complacency and fear of the inevitable, is what destroys mental health. Fearing the inevitable is 100% irrational. What is to be feared is not having done enough to save others.

      Change my mind.

      1. You can do that, without making each and every perceived weather or astronomical deviation a “sign”.

        I’m an old lady and have seen a bunch of ‘crises’ over the years that never panned out.
        The “Late Great Planet Earth” is still here and functioning, the world population is still in the billions,
        we still have oil, the media-driven panic over various diseases die out (remember Zika?).
        Most of these have had decades to come to fruition and it didn’t happen.

        What this actually does, is lower your credibility.

  5. Why don’t the very wealthy and beneficial philanthropists use their super wise, mega mind scientific weather modification superpowers to save us from globull warming?

    1. LOL!! Good point. I’d say probably because that is not where the money/”crisis” is. They can’t predict the weather for next week accurately, but they are going to save the earth from useless eaters who breathe their air and want to eat real food.

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