Best morning-after assessment I’ve seen so far

“Iran side: Iran is celebrating a successful retaliation. They responded to the attack on their Embassy in Syria. They showcased their military capabilities. They showcased powerful hypersonic missiles. Iran shows it is a force in the region. Iran saves face.

“Israel side: CNN: “No reports of injuries directly through Iranian strikes” and “Israel’s military says 99% of weapons fired by Iran intercepted” and finally “The US assessment is that Iran’s attacks had been largely unsuccessful.” Israel’s Air Defense is strong. US Air Defense is strong (MIC sales $$$). Israel saves face.

“US/Biden WH: Neocons want Iran war. Biden is a neocon, but a neocon trying to get re-elected. Any other time in his Presidency and Biden would be all in…BUT Jake Sullivan who runs Biden’s foreign policy is a campaign guy at heart, and he knows war with Iran would sink Biden’s re-election. They opted for a calibrated response/defense, with an off-ramp for all sides.”

It all feels like a show. Iran got to saber rattle without doing any damage. Bibi promises swift response but doesn’t. RINO hawks on Fox News all night long, screaming for war with Iran. As a friend remarked, “Imagine if McCain were still alive.”

Biden tells Bibi to stand down.

IDF chief praises CENTCOM chief for defensive effort.

8 thoughts on “Best morning-after assessment I’ve seen so far”

  1. Off topic – but an evergreen topic 😉 – Dr John Campbell just hit it –

    “Increased Age-Adjusted Cancer Mortality After the Third mRNA-Lipid Nanoparticle Vaccine Dose During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Japan”

    tl;dr – Japan study shows that people got more aggressive cancers, weirdly coincident to 2nd & later jabs

  2. Iran’s attack seems to be a redux of what they did after Trump killed Soleimani. A retaliatory strike that avoids casualties, but demonstrates that they can make the Americans and Israelis feel vulnerable, but not allow an excuse to go to total war. And that’s after giving the U.S. and Israel advance notice of the attack.

    Use a bunch of cheap drones and rockets to run the tab on Israel’s Iron Dome, likely a billion dollars worth just to protect the area from some cheap rockets, testing Israel’s defenses to see when some munitions would finally make it through. Two Israeli military bases were hit, so they can be reached.

    If things ever do get more serious, then Iran now knows it can sufficiently overwhelm Israel’s defense with decoys, which at best only has enough for a few days, and then hit it with real munitions.

    1. Boy those sanctions on Iran are really taking effect (not). American taxpayers continue to pay for things not one actual American would ever support. We never wanted to be global meddlers nor global police. Damn politicians.

  3. I believe that 99 percent of the Iranian drones and missiles fired at Israel were shot down about as much as I believe that… Russia is losing the war in their renegade province of Ukraine, Joe Biden actually won the election, covid managed to escape the wuhan lab and within 48 hours was infecting people in every corner of the globe, and that the covid shots are safe and effective. 99.999 percent of what we see in the media is a lie. Pravda, during the worst years of Stalin had more credibility than CNN, MSNCB, Fox News, ABC, NBC and CBS in 2024 put together.

    1. The Ghost of Tel Aviv single-handedly shot down hundreds of hypersonic missiles, while swatting Iranian drones out the window of the old Beaufighter with his bare hands. It was a sight to behold.

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