3 thoughts on ““Let the standard of antiquity be maintained throughout””

  1. Ecclesia Dei, 5, (b) : “Indeed, the extent and depth of the teaching of the Second Vatican Council call for a renewed commitment to deeper study in order to reveal clearly the Council’s continuity with Tradition, especially in points of doctrine which, perhaps because they are new, have not yet been well understood by some sections of the Church.”

    Looks like even the Vatican admits Vatican II taught new things. However, instead of condemning new doctrines, they embrace them and pass them on as “Catholic”.

  2. Bergoglio can’t be bothered with the “Fathers of revered memory.” Who knows what that man has simmering deep within his breast?

    “Beware of false teachers who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruit…”

  3. You say that, yet when you append old prayers, I note that you replace ‘Thou’ and ‘Thee’ with ‘your’; and ‘livest / reigneth’ with ‘lives and reigns’, thereby stripping the language of the beauty of its antiquity, rendering it instead in the common-place contemporary.

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