WWIII: Ukraine Attacks Strategic Bomber Base Deep Inside Russia

(it goes without saying that the technology/warfare deployed here was supplied by the good old USA. -nvp)


On Wednesday a wave of Ukrainian drones targeted a well-known airbase deep inside Russia which is home to strategic bombers. The air base, called Engels 2, is near the Russian city by the same name, and nearby residents reported hearing at least four explosions during the attack.

The Main Directorate of Ukraine’s Military Intelligence (HUR) has since owned up to the attack, with sources in Russia confirming to international media that “targets had been hit” and the damage is being assessed.

Some drones may have been intercepted, however, with Roman Busargin, the governor of the Russian region of Saratov, describing in a statement that a drone attack was “repelled”. This attack is significant given Engels is located over 600km from the Ukraine border…

5 thoughts on “WWIII: Ukraine Attacks Strategic Bomber Base Deep Inside Russia”

  1. Putin Warns Of ‘Full-Scale WW3’ If West Sends Troops To Ukraine

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  2. “This is a severe and significant announcement:

    #Russia declared to be ‘in a state of war’ in Ukraine for the first time and no longer in a “Special Operation”. ”


    “It has to come from the Duma, but I think it is very significant that Peskov used this terminology specifically. It comes at a time when France has moved troops inside of Ukraine and is seeking a coalition of EU countries to follow suit.
    This is drawing a kine in the sand. Once the Duma declares war the gloves are off. Anyone supplying military aid to Ukraine becomes fair game for attacks. I sincerely hope other EU countries have more sense, as this would also remove their NATO protections.”

    “President Putin has to address the nation and say it; otherwise, it is not a war declaration”

    “Peskov explained that despite the conflict “de facto turning into a war,” legally it remains classified in Russia as a special military operation and that nothing has changed in that regard.”

  3. Uh oh!

    “Russian state media as well as The Wall Street Journal’s regional correspondent is reporting at least 40 people killed, and over 100 wounded and injured, in the unfolding major terror attack on Moscow’s largest concert hall.

    Initial videos have emerged showing what appears to be attackers in combat fatigues with assault rifles going around the mall part of the venue (which is attached to the concert hall) and shooing randomly. There are reports from RT of follow-up blasts happening even amid a huge security, police, and emergency response. ”


  4. Russia believes the US was a participant in the terror attack. Plausibly a plan by Victoria Nuland before she ditched her job. The US probably wanted to pull the plug on it, but the Ukranians defied them and facilitated it anyways. The plan now seems to be to punish Ukraine with a greater escalation of bombings.

    US ‘Backed Itself Into Corner’ By Blaming ISIS For Moscow Attack As Fires Burned: Kremlin

    The Russian Federal Security Service Identifies US as a Suspect in Crocus Attack

    Washington Crossed a Fatal Red Line with the Crocus Attack

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