Russia Explains Math to the Gay Macaroon

By Giuseppe Filotto

Aside the fact that apparently the news all over France is that Macaroon’s “wife” may in fact be a man, and that there is zero record of “her” before the age of 30, Putin has made it clear that if Macaroon wants to play with the big boys, the kind of butt-ramming that Russia will deliver is far more than he’s used to taking, either at home from his “wife” or abroad from his “friends”.

Here are a few details of the Sarmat (SATAN) missile Putin referred to, the RS-28 is an ICBM that contains 10 nuclear warheads which split off shortly before impact, cascading in “umbrella” format, that would devastate an area of approximately 650,000 square kilometres. The entire area of France is 643,802 square kilometres, so, a single Sarmat RS-28 can literally wipe out the whole of France.

The Sarmat RS-28 flies at a speed of between 21,000 and 25,000 km/h, which means France would at most be 4 minutes…


7 thoughts on “Russia Explains Math to the Gay Macaroon”

  1. From the wiki page about Macron…

    As a schoolboy, Macron decided to be baptized as a Catholic. In June 2018, prior to meeting Pope Francis (sic), he identified himself as an agnostic Catholic. In the same year he agreed to become an honorary canon of St John Lateran, the cathedral of Rome.

    An agnostic Catholic??? That makes about as much sense as a self-mutilated man identifying himself as a woman.

    1. You’re right. I’m sorry for the error. Let me amend. What a crazy world we live in where a communist who misses the USSR and recently said Poland, not Germany, started World War 2 is actually justified in the current war.

      1. Something something Danzig Massacre something something not defending their borders and letting all the Bolsheviks in something something.

      2. Putin is not a communist, nor has he said he missed the USSR. In fact, he criticized the Bolsheviks as devastating Russia. He is a Russian Nationist, more akin to, say Catherine the Great than Stalin. This explains his closeness with the Russian Orthodox Church. Further, Poland, under the guidance of Churchill, slaughtered almost 30k Germans living in Poland, despite Germany’s request to stop. Churchill had promised military aid to Poland to defeat Germany, should an attack come (which it obviously did).

        That doesn’t mean Putin is a good guy by any stretch of the imagination. But we can’t throw accusations around that have no basis in truth, and be considered credible.

  2. Why are you too busy constantly talking politics and sharing sede sites but you won’t even both commenting on the Mission of Divine Mercy?

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