Hoooo: NYT says the quiet part out loud on the impossibility of green agenda

“Over the past year, electric utilities have nearly doubled their forecasts of how much additional power they’ll need by 2028 as they confront an unexpected explosion in the number of data centers, an abrupt resurgence in manufacturing driven by new federal laws, and millions of electric vehicles being plugged in.

“Many power companies were already struggling to keep the lights on, especially during extreme weather, and say the strain on grids will only increase. Peak demand in the summer is projected to grow by 38,000 megawatts nationwide in the next five years, according to an analysis by the consulting firm Grid Strategies, which is like adding another California to the grid.
““The numbers we’re seeing are pretty crazy,” said Daniel Brooks, vice president of integrated grid and energy systems at the Electric Power Research Institute, a nonprofit organization.
“In an ironic twist, the swelling appetite for more electricity, driven not only by electric cars but also by battery and solar factories and other aspects of the clean-energy transition, could also jeopardize the country’s plans to fight climate change.”

4 thoughts on “Hoooo: NYT says the quiet part out loud on the impossibility of green agenda”

  1. Build more nuclear power plants — especially SMR clusters which are extremely efficient and safe.

    1. Exactly Roman
      Anyone who does not take seriously the idea that the future of cheap, reliable, and safe electricity has to come largely from nuclear power is either ignorant or has an ulterior motive. Especially SMR technology as you point out.

  2. When I was in college, as part of a comparative government course, I was tasked with presenting issues facing Sweden. Sweden had, by virtue of a coalition government between greens and liberals, adopted nuclear energy, which ensured its power grid was cheap and efficient, as well as safe. Europe, particularly France and Sweden, have used, effectively, nuclear power since the 90s, minimizing waste, and with no safety incidents. Only American Enviro-nazis are against it. European Enviro-nazis are all for it.

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