Has a “sitting President” ever before threatened the Supreme Court to their faces?


9 thoughts on “Has a “sitting President” ever before threatened the Supreme Court to their faces?”

  1. All the while he was touting a woman who was “forced” to travel out of state to kill her baby because of a genetic abnormality. What a prince.

  2. Biden, while completely despicable, is a tragic figure. He is clearly demented at this point and not in control of what he says or even thinks. One on one with a good priest right now, I honestly don’t think he has the intellect anymore to know right from wrong and thus make a badly needed, sincere confession. May God have mercy on the priests over the years who didn’t reprimand him for his support for every intrinsic evil, counter to the Church’s Teachings. Same for his bishops over the years who didn’t excommunicate him.

    1. Biden wasn’t demented when he had sex with his daughter (in her diary), exploited his wife’s death by bearing false witness (she, not the other driver, was to blame, lied for 50 years about his biography, plagiarized his campaign speeches in 1987, gave our uranium to Russia, accepted money from China, forced Ukraine to fire the prosecutor looking into his son, got 13 soldiers killed in Afghanistan, looked at his watch when the corpses were paraded on by, mandated a bioweapon , had the FBI go after half the country, and allowed 10 million illegal aliens into our country.

      He knows right from wrong. And though impaired, he’s using his pitiful old man image to get away with the destruction of the US.

      He is scum. He’s as Catholic as Martin Luther.

  3. I think Biden is what you call “perfectly possessed”. He shows all the signs of it. He cut his deal with the devil many years ago. May God have mercy on his soul.

  4. I was shocked when he did that. He said “You haven’t seen anything….”, and touted “the power of women”, as if a crowd of women were going to chase SCOTUS down the street in retribution. It sounded a threat, and he did his best to humiliate the Supreme Court. I don’t agree with a few members of the Supreme Court’s thinking on some cases, but to see a president threaten and humiliate the Supreme Court as they sit there, was one of the most unnerving things I have ever seen. I’m not young anymore, later 60’s, and I’ve paid attention to political things in general, and voted in every election since I was old enough as my patriotic duty. I’ve never seen anything remotely like what we are seeing now from the Biden administration. To get the flavor of the difference, I recommend anyone go back and listen to ANY prior president to Biden and the odious Barack Obama. Listen to ANY prior president to see what a state of the union speech is supposed to look and sound like. Nothing like the frightening display we saw last week. God help us, these people are madmen.

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