Prayers for Detestation of Our Sins

h/t to the highly reliable Laura Wood:

Prayers for Detestation of Our Sins

O GOD, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, give me the grace to detest my sins as Thou dost detest them. Make me see that my sins and imperfections offend Thee, that they keep me from striving for perfection, that they are the cause of unhappiness to myself and to others. Fill my heart with sorrow for sin, so that | may never sin again.

O Holy Spirit, soften my heart, that | may detest my sins as | will on judgment day, which is so terrible even for the innocent soul.

O Mary, Mother of God, and my mother pray for a poor sinner who places all his confidence in thee. St. Joseph, listen to my prayer. All ye Saints of Paradise, help me to detest my sins and imperfections.


While we are at it, maybe you or someone you know needs to hear this -nvp:

Anything But the Cross

“THERE is, throughout history, a melancholy sameness in the reactions of mankind, sighing for redemption, to the Redeemer that would answer its appeal. ‘As it is Jesus Christ, yesterday and to-day and the same for ever,’ so man, looking for salvation, is yesterday and today and the same for ever. The one thing fallen man desires to know is how to live his life on earth so as to be happy. This is the very thing that Jesus desires to let him know. And yet, as was prophesied by Simeon, the Redeemer ever remains ‘a sign to be contradicted.’ The sick world, like a patient in the delirium of fever, is for ever turning on its physician and submitting him to violence and maltreatment. It is because the problem of happiness is so intimately bound up with the problem of pain. There is no purification of soul without suffering. Through purification the soul reaches that close intimacy with God and that vision of Him, which makes the soul happy. When men are told that the beatitude they seek is conditioned by suffering, they find the doctrine a hard saying. They will have none of it, and will continue to indulge the hope that they can reach the goal of human desire another way.”

— Fr. Edward Leen, Why the Cross?

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  1. Fruit of the first sorrowful mystery. I add prayers like this before each mystery as written in my grandmothers old St. Joseph missal. Dear Jesus, I offer You this first mystery in honor of Your agony in the garden and ask of You through the intercession of the BVM true contrition for my sins and all sins for love of Thee.

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