Janet Yellen claims there is no need for lower prices because everyone’s wages have gone up more than inflation

What a slow news week, eh? I’m traveling, and short on time. I will have to get after the Tucker/Putin and the rapidly declining Joe over the weekend. But amid all the headlines, I wanted you to see just how much they hate you. Remember when Ole Janet made the claim two years ago that the debilitating inflation was merely “transitory?” Well here she is testifying before Congress that it isn’t transitory at all, but never mind that, we don’t need prices to come down anyway, because wages are way up, and (wait for it – near the end) the average American family is in better shape financially than they were in 2019 and ackshully has $1400 left over after purchasing the same basket of items. Happy Friday!

6 thoughts on “Janet Yellen claims there is no need for lower prices because everyone’s wages have gone up more than inflation”

  1. Every time I hear Yellen talk, it’s a painful reminder that we’re getting utterly rolled by the most mediocre halfwits on the face of the earth.

  2. Propaganda Wars Begin: Illegal Immigration Will Boost US GDP By $7 Trillion
    “One month ago we asked a simple question: at a time when the Biden admin is breathlessly taking credit for a quote-unquote “strong” job market, how is it not the biggest political talking point right now that since October 2019, native-born US workers have lost 1.4 million jobs; while over the same period foreign-born workers have gained 3 million jobs. A few weeks later, when the grotesque and ridiculous January jobs report hit, we reran the analysis to find something even more jarring. Not only were all job gains in the past year entirely thanks to part-time workers, but native-born workers plunged by a another whopping 560 thousand, bringing the two-month total drop to just under 2 million. This meant that not only has all job creation in the past 4 years been exclusively for foreign-born workers, but there has been zero job-creation for native-born American workers since July 2018 (don’t believe us? go ahead and check the data directly from the Fed).”

    James O’Keefe Discovers that Illegal Immigrants Are a Profitable Business for American Companies
    “State and local US authorities and private American companies are all involved in aiding and abetting immigrant-invaders. It seems some Americans don’t mind being replaced as long as they can make some money out of it.”

    BREAKING: O’Keefe Media Group infiltrates SECRET converted illegal immigrant compound CASA ALITAS Ramada Hotel in Tucson.

    This secret operation is funded by Catholic Community Services of Tucson and enriches groups like, “Las Palmas.”

    O’Keefe disguised himself as a homeless drunk vagrant and Mexican illegals wore hidden cameras to gain entrance inside.

    caught on tape Police confirming refugees are “lying about sponsors.”

    Here, Casa Alitas migrants are brought to the Ramada Inn where breakfast, lunch, hygienic services, and free wifi is offered.

    Migrants shared with one of our undercover journalists that NGOs, “Get paid no matter what.”

    Our undercover journalist confirms with a migrant that they have seen many gang members come through in caravans. The migrant tells us that Border Patrols suspect gang members but they still let them pass through, “They will ask about gang tattoos but Border Patrol still lets those people in.”

    interviewed a taxi driver while posing as a local ministry outreach member, and discovered that Catholic Community Services, “…give them (migrants) services but don’t treat them well. They scare them.” The taxi driver works with the migrant population on a regular basis.

    O’Keefe asks Deputy Carter, “…is that bus filled with illegal immigrants?” At that moment as migrant buses pulled up directly behind Carter, he responded stating, “Sir, I’m not on the bus”.


    1. It didn’t take an undercover report to understand this.

      How do you make extreme profit? Ship your manufacturing overseas. If you have to build here, call them “jobs no one wants to do” and hire illegals.

      How do you stay in power after you’ve sold your soul to Satan? You give illegals jobs (Republicans) and free stuff (Democrats). You ignore the citizens and when pressed to “fix” the problem craft bills designed to codify lawlessness.

      How does the Church Jesus started avoid accountability by the law and it’s fleeing parishioners? Start NGOs the government gives money to and welcome the illegals. This guarantees fresh butts in the pews and business as usual.

      It’s all very evil and logical.

  3. You say midwits. I say utterly evil. Yellen knows every word of hers is a lie. And she knows there is precious little consequence to her, if any.

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