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  1. I can’t remember where I read it, but it was years ago that I read that 10 years before sodomite “marriage” was a “thing”, there were stirrings in the Netherlands about it. Then, there were stirrings about trannies in the same place a few years after that. The article predicted that the US would see, after sodomite “marriage”, see trannies as an issue…and then polyamory.

    Why would it start in the Netherlands? Perhaps its because its extremely socially liberal, heavily Freemasonic, and geographically close to Sankt Gallen, the Swiss town which housed Alistair Crowley’s satanic temple, served as the European center of Freemasonry, and the seat of where Modernism had it intellectual center.

  2. Still waiting for the normalization of pedophilia and beastiality. Surely then normal people will be more open to the fact that this world, despite science and technology, is not run by atheists and secular people but Satanists. In fact, they are using science and technology to fulfill prophecy like the mark of the beast.

  3. Hey, all those migrants coming into these countries need women, as they sure aren’t bringing many women with them! So the natives have to learn to share themselves as well as their tax-money, hospitals, hotels, schools, airports, sidewalks, homes…

    Don’t worry, Francis will be happy to bless all trouples and irregulars.

  4. True crime murder mysteries are often about spouses killing each other. This will sure kick up the variety. Getting brimstone-ready popcorn…

  5. Pedophiles are now called “minor attracted persons” amongst the media, so there is definitely a push for normalization. Plus, Orca, I mean Oprah, was talking IN PUBLIC AND ON TV, about how young boys are groomed and abused…and how they “like it”.

  6. Fr Groeschel merely suggested the kids had some responsibility and the omg “how disgraceful” machine nuked him. I think EWTN took his show off.

    1. It was also linked on the Drudge Report today.

      Speaking of Drudge (whatever it is now), and the depths they’ll sink to in promoting the destruction of marriage, back in November (11/25) Drudge ran the headline: “STUDY: People “happier” in marriage after having affairs…”. When you clicked on the link, it took you to a UK tabloid article about the results of an online poll conducted by “llicitEncounters.com”, a hook-up website for would-be adulterers. The article was actually a paid promotion for the cheating website (a disclaimed was later added).

      They seriously ran a news story about this and treated it like a scientific poll to encourage people to cheat on their spouses. They’re really that far gone.

  7. I can’t grasp how people can accept not being your spouse’s one and only. When you marry you’re not just having sex with a pal. You are living with your companion for life, that no one can be closer to. Jealousy is not the same thing as envy. The whole point of marriage is to bind to each other.

  8. Many newspapers routinely do this, especially for the Communist Chinese. “Editorials” and “Opinion Pieces” in many of the big news outlets that are disguised paid advertisements for some nefarious company, marketing campaign or foreign agents.

    It’s true that we really don’t hate mainstream news and journalism enough.

  9. Some have noted that these pieces started appearing after news about Nicky Hailey’s affairs began coming out. Wouldn’t surprise me if the MSM are desperately trying to salvage her campaign against Trump.

    Nikki Haley DID cheat on husband Michael – had affairs with her comms consultant and a MARRIED South Carolina lobbyist before she became governor, sworn affidavits and new witnesses claim

    Also there’s still a list of people Jeffrey Epstein kept that isn’t revealed, and I’m sure those people would like to condition the public to accept their behavior so that they can maintain their public image to the point that it’ll eventually be a hate-crime for you to point out their adultery.

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