Australia makes it a federal crime to ACCESS “violent extremist material” on the Internet

By William James Tychonievich

Australia has decided to outlaw the public display of the symbols of some German political party from a hundred years ago. As bonkers as that would be just by itself, the real story here isn’t getting nearly as much press. Included in the new law is a provision that makes it a crime to access “violent extremist material” using a “carriage service” (meaning the Internet). You don’t need to produce this material or even possess it; just clicking a link and seeing it is enough. If the US will put you in prison for sharing a meme, Australia will now put you in prison for looking at a meme. Forget the “public display” of anything; so much as lurk on /pol/ in the privacy of your own home, regardless of your own political views, and you’re flirting with five years behind bars…

3 thoughts on “Australia makes it a federal crime to ACCESS “violent extremist material” on the Internet”

  1. Something tells me pornography, including the sadistic stuff, won’t be on the Australian thought police’s agenda. I think we’re quickly approaching the time of the Antichrist. We know from approved prophecy that the Antichrist will deceive many. Think about that in today’s context of fact checking and verification on the internet. Yep, when he comes and no, it’s not that fat disgusting PoS occupying the Chair of St. Peter, we will likely not be able to research him and his background.

    As a related side note… try some general search engine experiments with Google, Bing, Yahoo and even that fake privacy site Duck Duck Go. The results on all those sites is increasingly identical.

    PRINT OFF all your research about COVID, the Freemasons, the antipapacy and more. Get printed books of the Bible (unedited DR version) and the writings of the Saints. At some point soon, all of it will be classified as “extremist.” “Hate speech,” “anti-Semitic” and more.

  2. Many say that the Antichrist will be clamored for because he will convince “the people” that he will solve the numerous great crises the world faces. Every solution, I would think, would be very controlling of Christians, especially Catholics. I can see some of those “crises” being a world war, deadly diseases, or even “climate catastrophe”…

  3. Or world hunger (everyone who gets the chip gets UBI). Or peace between religions (gotta kill religious exclusivists).

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