11 thoughts on “When you assume a certain thing to be career-ending, and are surprised to learn it’s actually a résumé-builder, you really don’t understand the forces at work here”

  1. Love the title, Mark!
    Anyone paying even a smidge of attention to this usurper for the last 11 years is not a bit surprised!

  2. Agree M. Murphy. Antipope bergoglio, kissy, mccarrick and the rest of them are laughing their asses off that they’re getting away with all of this. No one should be scandalized by anything these antichurch humanoid demons say or do.

  3. Boy I hate quoting myself but… “Friends, remember these things. Little Tucho was appointed by his buddy Jorge with full knowledge of little Tucho’s porno-past. In fact, he was probably appointed because of it.l

  4. I knew it. If Bergie knew about it, then others knew about it, including the CDF. There are several layers of problems here. First Smoochie’s superiors knew of it and gave their tacit approval. Obviously it went into circulation, so that means others knew about. Surely, it was referred to the CDF then. If not, then we have nearly an entire regional episcopate that is debauched. If so, then the CDF under Ratzinger isn’t what we thought.

  5. Will E Michael Jones come after Tucho and Frank with a quarter of the gusto he went after Michael Voris for? Does pornography need to be made by a Jew in order to be opposed to an unsound mind being put in a leadership position, or is it kosher if the “pope” is okay with it? Where’s all the logos gone when it’s needed?

  6. Not sure what you are saying here. The Holy Office under pope Pius XII had excommunicated Theilhard deChardin, and von Balthazar, de Lubac, and others had been majorly censured and their ideas condemned. Jungmann’s proposals for “liturgical reform” had been condemned by Pius XII in Mediator Dei, and Joseph Ratzinger was under investigation by the Holy Office as “suspected of heresy”. Pius XII removed Annabale Bugnini from any position of influence. Pius XII was actually pretty decent at sniffing out error and condemning it.

    All that changed when John XXIII assumed the Chair. One of the first statements he said was that he would not condemn error. Thus, de Lubac and von Balthazar were brought back, Jungmann’s ideas were reconsidered, and his buddy, the Freemason Annabale Bugnini was brought back as well. Then, he called the Council, and after the Third Session, the Catholic Schemas were tossed, at the advice of the Modernist heretics, many of whom had been silenced under Pius XII.

    That is a big difference between Smoochie’s borderline blasphemous writings, and his superiors’ tacit approval of them. At the Modernists prior to V2 had the foresight to hide their heresy with vague words…

    1. Well, the modernists rose up the ranks and became bishops. How do you infer that in one case they hid it and in the other case they didn’t? Just because Burglargio knew it doesn’t mean everyone did.

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