21 thoughts on “Well. This doesn’t sound apocalyptic AT ALL.”

  1. “Communism is intrinsically wrong, and no one who would save Christian civilization may collaborate with it in any undertaking whatsoever.” Pope Pius XI March 19, 1937 Divini Redemptoris

    1. I am trying to figure out what is wrong with these people and why they so insist that Antipope Bergoglio is a valid pope. They are the biggest enemy at this point. We all know that Antipope Bergoglio is an apostate and he could easily be jailed, deposed, and condemned, but these “Pope Francis” people are the ones now keeping him in power.

      I think it is because they are choosing money over Christ and the Church and because of the subtle (but serious) heresies of former Protestant Scott Hahn and his numerous protégés begun in the 1990’s that have infected members of the Church who believe that he is orthodox and who subscribe to his errors: 1) Calvinist Protestant “covenantal” theological errors and the insistence there are seven different covenants; 2) the heresy that laymen can make a career out of the Catholic faith; 3) The heretical Protestant concept that a man can be married and have children and also be a type of “preacher” without Holy Orders; etc.

      Of course, the vast majority these Catholic professionals who don’t have skills to make a living otherwise are going to be tempted to choose financial security.

  2. The prophetic voice of Fatima continues to be proven, and there are still people who dismiss it as being “relegated to the past.”

    If Russia was “consecrated” as these same buffoons insist, then the Virgin Mary and God lied.

    No surprise that Francis-explainers like E Michael Jones are also militant haters of the SSPX and the poor late Fr. Gruner. The Jews aren’t to blame for this one, doc. Jones should stop hiding behind the same seamless curtain with Voris, Barron and Opus Dei.


    1. I learned some world history at the end of last year and I am pretty sure Russia and China are waiting for the right moment to conquer the world, probably at world war 3. They didn’t just wake up someday and decide that communism sucks. They are letting the world build up their economies and are waiting for the right moment to spring into action when nobody suspects a thing.

      And I don’t think the masons who control the world cannot see this. They are letting it happen.

      Russia did not become a good guy. It is all an act. There is no way that the Cold War ended with hardly a whimper. It will march into Europe, to the surprise of almost everybody.

      1. Agree, except that the same freemasonic-synagogue of satan that controls the US, controls them. Both grew strong with US money, investment. China (and Chinese soldiers are currently coming across our border) and Russia are tools being used, just as the former USA is. They want WW3 to send white Christians off to be killed like the previous wars, hide their engineered monetary collapse, and force people to work for digital merit points from them instead of money. Agree the soviets never changed/went away, bolsheviks became oligarchs….as always happens with communist wealth control.

  3. False Prophet Forereunner of the Antichrist, anti-John the Baptist in his full diabolical „splendor”. Can things become any more obvious before God puts an end to this?

  4. This was all prophesized before 2015. But going so slowly.

    As soon as the new mass is given for a new intention like the unification of all God’s children those in Judea must flee.

  5. Joel, for many of these Pope Fwancis Catholics, bergoglio’s shenanigans are good for business. The more he misbehaves, the more they can write a tabloidy commentary, get clicks and donations by telling their addicted audience that unless they get some cash, they’ll have to shut down. It’s very much like the deceptive business model that 1980s era television evangelists used to hook and dupe their audiences. For some others, it’s also business but it’s their big donors who are calling the shots behind the scenes. Ex-Protestants who haven’t been able to fully shake the dust off their sandles are the worst.

  6. The biggest heresy that these people adopt is that the Church can teach error. Pope Pius XI, in Quas Primas, teaches that the Church perennially immune from teaching any error. Notice the pope didn’t say “major” errors, but any error.

    They also refuse to submit to the Vatican Council I, which, after careful study of the matter, taught that the Dogma of Papal Infallibility can be defined because the See of Peternhas never once been stained with error. Not heresy, error.

    I submit this is because of a Protestant understanding of ecclesiology, where it is possible that the human element of the “mystical body” can err, but that doesn’t separate you from the Mystical Body. That was condemned by Pius XII in Mystici Corporis, which taught that the Mystical Body of Christ is made visible in the Corporal Body of the Catholic Church.

    1. Aaron, do you honestly think the Church has never ever taught any sort of error whatsoever? Because if that’s what you think, you’re going to be very disappointed in the pre-Trent history of the Church.

  7. Mt 13:30, the weeds and wheat grow together till the harvest. Mt 24:39 -Jesus said it would be like the time before the flood when He returns. I don’t see this getting better but what do I know.

  8. Putin had every opportunity to stand up to the “New World Order” during COVID. Instead, he was in lock-step with the WEF program.

    For anyone with eyes to see, that’s all you need to know.

  9. It’s striking to me how many of the “professional Catholic” class come from or through Steubenville. There’s something very sinister going on there, IMO.

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