Tucho: A Time for Choosing? Finally?

Partial crosspost from Harvey Millican “Musings of a Trad Dad” blog:

Have you heard the one about the antipope who appointed his sodo-“friend” head of the doctrine office, made him a “cardinal”, and then scrubbed the internet of that same friend’s past pamphlet about male orgasms? Penetrating minds want to know.

Seems little Tucho just loves dabbling in hardcore filth. Today, while those of us who still care were praying that the Catholic Church be delivered of such monstrous abominations as Bergoglio and Fernández, we learned that little Tucho had some previously undiscovered writings under his belt. And you thought The Art of Healing Mouth Tongue Thing was bad enough. I guess it was lost in translation. This baby’s a real beaut’…

Then we get the joy of reading that more and more Trad Inc partisans are suddenly coming around and realizing that this clown show in Rome is what we’ve been saying they are for several years. They are criminal usurpers. Dr. TM (who never doesn’t use his academic title as a first name) questioned whether we should investigate the situation. Investigate?! Listen, man, millions of souls have already fallen on the battlefield and you want to investigate? I mean, thanks for getting your head out of your ass today but we’re beyond that stage. As the monk said when listening to the Book of Armaments, “Skip ahead a bit, brother…”

Read the rest: harveymillican.com/2024/01/08/tucho-a-time-for-choosing/

2 thoughts on “Tucho: A Time for Choosing? Finally?”

  1. Sadly, this was not as “unknown” as we would like, it appears. Card. Muller is saying Smoochie’s writings were known to the CDF in the 90s and 2000s. He didn’t say why nothing happened, just that they were known.

  2. Aaron,

    Do you have a source regarding Cdl. Muller? I’d like to read into that if you do.

    If that’s true, we should ask why the “good cardinal” (Muller) hadn’t sounded the alarm already.

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