18 thoughts on “Taylor Marshall calls for Canonical Investigation of the Bergoglian Antipapacy”

  1. Well, say what you will about Marshall (whether he’s controlled opposition), he at least doesn’t give me that repugnant “move along, nothing to see here, just go pray” vibe you get from all the other pundits (OneLutherFive, Crisis, at al.). God bless, and may at least one cardinal accept the martyrdom of opposing the hideous Bergoglio antichurch.

  2. It seems like God is trying to shame the Bishops and Cardinals into action with the latest, truly disgusting, blasphemous depravity emanating from the head of the DDF, the Dicastery for the Destruction of the Faith. Is there even one man of action among the Cardinals? I know of one high ranking cleric who has been saying, “Francis was validly elected, so we have no choice but to cope with him the best we can.” At some point, and hopefully soon, coping will not be possible even for him. Only active removal of the cancer will suffice, as painful as that will be.

  3. Amen, Chris! I was suspicious that Taylor Marshall might be controlled opposition, but I really like this statement he just made, especially because he mentions St. Robert Bellarmine. I am thankful Ann Barnhardt, Father Kramer, Archbishop Vigano, Dr. Mazza, and others are finally getting through to people.

  4. Preposterous. As if the vast majority of these “Cardinals” aren’t also adherents of the new religion spawned by the Judas Council of Vatican II. In any event, the judgment of these “Cardinals” isn’t needed to validate the REALITY spitting in our faces daily. One need not be a coroner to recognize a rotting, stinking body as dead. Bergoglio is that dead stinking body. One need no authority to recognize this manifest REALITY. It’s time for Taylor Marshall and the rest of the R&R crowd to get real; really real.

    Bergoglio hasn’t lost the papacy, since he’s never had anything to lose. That is, he was an impostor from the beginning of his “papacy,” since he was a manifest heretic long before his “election.” Everything since his “election” has been mere confirmation that he’s an impostor spawned in deepest hell. One cannot be the visible head of a body of which one is not a member. Bergoglio cast himself out of the Church long ago.

  5. If only the 3rd secret of Fatima was revealed in 1960, the crisis of having an apostate antipope cum destroyer wouldnt have happened. The world would have been Catholic. If bergoglio is the false prophet and remove/resign, we will maybe/probably/likely witness in the very near future, the Antichrist seating in the Chair of Peter performing wonders that would deceive even the elect.

  6. Nearly every Conciliar bishop is on board with the anti-church because they adhere to the same heresy that one need not believe the Catholic faith to be part of the Church. They nearly all believe “the People of God” includes every religion, and they nearly all are more concerned with human respect than God’s judgement. As long as they uphold the Robber Council II, they are part of the problem.

  7. That Bergoglio has been allowed the seat in Rome this long does not speak well of Roman Catholics. He should have been tossed out years ago.

  8. If Dr. Taylor Marshall was as bright & courageous as he’d like his audience to believe, he’d already know the answer to those questions… but sadly he’s too much of a coward to take a stand and state the obvious.
    I find his YouTube videos to be an unpleasant waste of time.

  9. When I was new to tradition and the red-pilling about the infiltration in the church, I really enjoyed TM’s videos and his book. But, I feel like he hasn’t offered much in the last few years. I no longer enjoy watching his videos. I would rather listen to Dr. Mazza, AB, Anthony Stine and the Rundown crew. They might not all be in agreement with one another, but their eyes are open and they’re shouting truth from the rooftops!

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