7 thoughts on “Never forget the detailed humiliation: The uncovered corpse and the white cargo van”

  1. While personally saddened by the lack of respect by Jorge for the Pope maybe the action has Gods hand in it.

    For BXVI is culpable in this mess he has left behind. His legacy is a muddled vision of and belief in the Holy See – let’s have 2 Popes! Why not 3 or 10?! – crossed by his weakness as a Catholic and as a man. But I repeat myself.

    You, Mark, have flagged the point just recently: it is an honor to die for Christ and if anyone should have that honor it is our Pope.

    But no- he simpers instead writing a letter that he hopes the wolves don’t get him, leaving the sodomites in place and financial corruption – again I repeat myself – unresolved.

    In conclusion, maybe God wants this last and lasting image of BXVI to be seen and known to us – BXVI did not merit a regal departure.


  2. I am sort of confused at Bergie’s treatment of BXVI. If you read BXVI after the council, he has much in common with Bergie. Both criticized the “old ways”, saying the church needs to stop being rigid, and adopt new paths enlightened by lived experience. Both embraced the new order as necessary for the ” new evangelization”, and both really accepted the idea that salvation is possible outside Christ’s Church. Without BXVI, we don’t get the Argentinian Apostate.

    The only explanation I can think of is that BXVI freed the Catholic Mass, allowing priests and laity to rediscover the Truths of the Faith, through access to the Mass. As “The Roche” pointed out, the Catholic Mass cannot exist within the context of Vatican 2.

  3. I think God is pleased when His creatures don’t have regal funerals, rather humble ones. His ways aren’t ours.

  4. Freeing the true Mass was about as useful as the Supreme Court overturning RvW. Since there were/are virtually no valid priests in the NO, it makes little difference. B16 was a modernist through and through. Modernism, as you all know, is the synthesis of all heresies.

  5. Well, there is slight difference: access to the Catholic Mass opened the faithful people’s eyes to the True Faith, and thus they could see the errors of V2. Can’t have people leaving the Conciliar sect for the Catholic Faith, now can we?

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