Dr. Briggs on the dead cat bounce of Western Civilization

Why Things Slightly Improving Makes Things Worse

The pattern is obvious. An overall gradual decline, interspersed with fairly regular upward swings of sanity. But with the same inevitable result of some kind of cataclysm or leftist singularity, the only kind of singularity we should worry about. After which comes the Great Reset.

Why this is so is even obvious, after a bit of thought.

The left has no authority which makes and maintains dogma, as does the Right. There is no agency or Church or authority that insists “Be this woke and no woker.” There is nobody who can declare “Cannibalistic children trannies are far enough.” There will always be somehow who can insist it is not enough and that the flesh that is consumed must first be sodomized. Only bigots deny this.

Tell a leftist that to be consistent and “unbiased” he has to accept the latest New Absurd Thing, and he will support it, even if reluctantly. But not always with enthusiasm or with alacrity. Even leftists tire of the slide into oblivion and from time to time will pause to catch their wind.

When you marry these pauses with a trait of those on the Right to avoid confrontation if at all possible, you get the little upward blips.

Most of those on the right allow a grudging acceptance of change up to a certain point, to avoid confrontation. Until sufficient pressure builds and there comes rejection of the One Thing Too Many Too Fast. Like the stabbings in Ireland…

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(Dead Cat Bounce is a term usually used in reference to stocks, where in a sharply bear market, there is a brief rebound in values, causing false hope, followed by a further deepening bear. -nvp)

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