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  1. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, who has been screaming about the mRNA jabs from day one has said we are currently living in the apocalypse.

    He is not Catholic, he is Buddhist. But when a Buddhist says we are living in the apocalypse, and another expert, Mike Yeadon, who worked for Pfizer for 30 years and was always an atheist says what’s going on is Satanic, that only imparts the seriousness of this.

    And in the US, the great restrainer of all this was Donald Trump, and he failed. Bigly.

      1. Mark, you should know I’m talking about Trump’s authority.

        He could’ve stopped all this, could’ve RESTRAINED the unleashing of evil.

        That’s what Vigano was talking about.

        I said Trump failed. He had a choice and he chose wrong. He is scum, should be in jail.

        The vax is all him.

        You should know that the katechon WILL BE REMOVED in the end. I said Trump was a type of katechon based on being the most powerful man in the world. Someone, something got to him and he opened the gates of hell.

        Maybe I didn’t say it artfully enough, but it’s clear many Christians were imploring him to do the right thing. He didn’t

      2. Yes. The thing about vaccines is the liability immunity, and Trump gave blanket liability immunity for all things “Covid”, which led to the terrible abuses, and medical practitioners ignored and medical protocols coming from the captured regulatory agencies, facility administrators. Getting the mRNA vax on the childhood vax schedule gives them the ability to put whatever they want in that stuff…and require their poison be taken by kids, and have liability immunity.

  2. This.

    I feel like I had blinders on in 2020, imagining the guy who allowed all this to happen and was the Warp Speed guy would also be the guy to end the madness. I fell for the “lesser of two evils” argument and the juxtaposition of a truly bad alternative.

    And now? With a rigged game? I’m not interested. I’m done with “vote harder”. And grateful for those ahead enough of the curve to call nonsense on the events of 2020 and 2021. Indeed, none of us who didn’t get the “medicine” du jour of 2021 regret it at all.

    And then insult to injury, a “Catholic”, Kellyanne Conway, saying the GOP has to run on pro-contraception to win in 2024?! (Sorry if her life is a train wreck or if her family was Catholic and she is not, but candidly it is insult to injury.)

  3. Donald Trump was exactly that—the restrainer—because he purposely forced the vaccine rollout (most of which were saline) before the psychopath’s were ready. Most people only took two shots, whereas Pfizer had seven planned and endless lockdowns.

  4. Okay, I’m going to be really picky here and off topic. Once and for all, can people stop saying “bigly.” I see it everywhere. Trump never used that term. What he was saying was “Big League.” It’s a New York expression. Not important in the big picture, I know, but we might as well get it right.

  5. Prove it. I believe those vaxx were made long before the plandemic. Why would they waste their time making saline shots?

  6. That is a terrible argument. “By poisoning 90 percent of America, he exposed the evil”? No, he was a restrainer by his position, and instead he did exactly what the Devil wanted

  7. Yes, the vaccines were already made

    Way back in 2018, God led me to an article in Stat magazine which exposed how Moderna, where all the mRNA in the world comes from (Pfizer leases the tech from Moderna) had failed to cure any rare diseases and that in the future Moderna would start making vaccines. This was 2018.

    Why would a company pepper their production line with saline shots? It’s built in advocacy. Let’s say someone gets a saline shot, has zero health problems. He will promote the shot to others and therefore more people get jabbed.

    It’s about luring and killing.

    By the way, after the first shots were released, all boosters since have contained a heart medication, designed to protect your heart from exploding within a few months, so people don’t notice it faster.

    Guys, this has been in the works for decades.

  8. In 2012/2013, while I was studying the faith, an alleged prophet warned that there was going to be a global vaccine we should avoid because it would kill. Almost everything she said is here or almost here, including the one world church, false prophet, mark of the beast and the new world order. She called out Francis before Benedict resigned, and she prophesied about the sinod and the adoption of Church policy to welcome sin. All before 2015.

    I won’t link you all to her prophecies for the sake of obedience, but I am convinced that the only way she could be right about so many things is if a divine source guided her or she is an Illuminati insider who knows what they planned, like a kind of a controlled opposition shill.

  9. Yes. Which means the odds are almost nil that they would have allowed Trump the opportunity to win a fair election in 2016 and risk the entire project. In all likelihood, he’s been controlled from the beginning and was an accomplice to everything that happened in 2020… up to and including the rigged election and J6.

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