Five days until Advent: Time for a spiritual inventory

Don’t put it off any longer. Be sure to enter Advent already prepared for the preparation, if you know what I mean. Devote time these next few days to reflect on your journey this past year, where you are now, and where you want to be. Then spend time in prayer and private meditation to build your resolve. Commit yourself to sainthood, and pray for the gifts to get you there.

But also be prepared that those gifts are mostly hardships. Turning suffering into sainthood is how to use the tool properly. If you fly from suffering, instead of embracing it and using it for your own good, it’s like throwing away a precious gift. Don’t do that. Look to the model of Our Lady of Sorrows, and beg her to show you how it’s done.

Now here is a little something from Divine Intimacy. Happy pre-Advent!

One thought on “Five days until Advent: Time for a spiritual inventory”

  1. Typical American Response: “What? Suffering? No, I shall use Advent to have Christmas parties, listen to Christmas songs written by Jews from Brooklyn, and buy-now/pay-later for ‘holiday’ gifts! Let there be no suffering (well, until January at least).”

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