AP, CNN, NYT Photojournalists were embedded with Hamas during October 7 massacre

This story broke a couple days ago, but at that time all the source links were crashing or otherwise being dead. Maybe servers not handling the traffic, maybe regime misinformationists crushing the story. Of course the MSM has done its regime-loyal best to bury this, and perhaps this is the first time you are reading about it. Because what it means is inescapable: This was NOT a surprise attack. EVERYONE knew about it, with enough time to get journalists infilled with the terrorists. FEDGOV knew, so Israel knew. The attack was allowed to proceed. It also explains why the initial IDF response took SIX HOURS. It obviously wasn’t incompetence, because the IDF is anything but incompetent. So yeah, things are becoming more clear, if more complicated.

UPDATE: I’m being told that the only option the IDF had, given the number of terrorists and the nature of the fight, was a full regiment counterattack. Any rapid deployment forces they had ready would have been ill equipped to deal with the over 2000 ground forces, fighting house to house. Given that this was a holiday weekend with many troops on 72/96 leave, it would have taken some time to get them assembled into their units, geared up, armory emptied, vehicles fueled, etc.

AP, CNN, New York Times Photographers Accompanied Hamas Jihadis In October 7 Massacre


What did the New York Times know and when did it know it about the mass murder of Jews isn’t just a question from the 1930s, but today.

Honest Reporting which, true to its name, holds the media accountable for its bias, has an incredible report on the complicity of major media outlets in the Hamas atrocities of Oct 7.

On October 7, Hamas terrorists were not the only ones who documented the war crimes they had committed during their deadly rampage across southern Israel. Some of their atrocities were captured by Gaza-based photojournalists working for the Associated Press and Reuters news agencies whose early morning presence at the breached border area raises serious ethical questions.

I have said before that the AP in Gaza is Hamas. That is literally true.

Four names appear on AP’s photo credits from the Israel-Gaza border area on October 7: Hassan Eslaiah, Yousef Masoud, Ali Mahmud, and Hatem Ali.

Eslaiah, a freelancer who also works for CNN, crossed into Israel, took photos of a burning Israeli tank, and then captured infiltrators entering Kibbutz Kfar Azza.

Here’s a little of what happened in Kibbutz Kfar Azza.

In Kfar Aza, no one was too old, too young or too weak for slaughter. It took the Israeli army half a day to reach the kibbutz of 750 people in southern Israel and fighting continued there for three days. In that time Hamas gunmen killed and mutilated dozens of civilian residents.

“Mothers, fathers, babies, young families killed in their beds, in the protection room, in the dining room, in their garden,” Maj Gen Itai Veruv of the Israel Defense Forces told the BBC, as his troops searched homes for bodies of victims. “It’s not a war, it’s not a battlefield. It’s a massacre.”

Rampaging fighters armed with assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and hand-grenades gunned down dozens of residents and mutilated some of the bodies, Veruv and other soldiers said, describing a number of atrocities.

Hassan Eslaiah, who apparently provides material for both the AP and CNN, was there is an obvious capacity.

HonestReporting has obtained screenshots of Eslaiah’s now-removed tweets on X in which he documented himself standing in front of the Israeli tank. He did not wear a press vest or a helmet, and the Arabic caption of his tweet read: “Live from inside the Gaza Strip settlements.”

Shortly after the publication of this article, we were alerted to footage of Hassan Eslaiah next to the Israeli tank. In addition, a photo has surfaced showing Eslaiah with Hamas leader and mastermind of the October 7 massacre, Yahya Sinwar.


Another “photojournalist”

Masoud, who also works for The New York Times, was there as well — just in time to set foot in Israeli territory and take more tank pictures.

Ali Mahmud and Hatem Ali were positioned to get pictures of the horrific abductions of Israelis into Gaza.

Mahmud captured the pickup truck carrying the body of German-Israeli Shani Louk and Ali got several shots of abductees being kidnapped into the Strip.

Reuters has published pictures from two photojournalists who also happened to be at the border just in time for Hamas’ infiltration: Mohammed Fayq Abu Mostafa and Yasser Qudih.

They both took pictures of a burning Israeli tank on the Israeli side of the border, but Abu Mustafa went further: He took photos of a lynch mob brutalizing the body of an Israeli soldier who was dragged out of the tank.

Reuters was kind enough to add a graphic warning to the photo caption, but it didn’t prevent editors from shamelessly labeling it as one of the “Images of the Day” on their editorial database.

There’s no ‘happened to be there’ here.

Hamas had covertly planned and executed an attack. It seems likely that the AP, Reuters, CNN, New York Times, etc stringers were aware of this attack beforehand…

More: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/11/ap-cnn-new-york-times-photographers-accompanied-hamas-jihadis-in-october-7-massacre

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  1. Everyone has an interest in this conflict, even those who don’t seem to have any at first glance, Makes it hard to pin who is responsible.

    9/11 Suspects: Dancing Israelis

    “In the days after 9/11, while Ground Zero continued to smoulder, millions heard Dan Rather and various media outlets repeat vague and unconfirmed reports of arrests that took place that day. These rumors held that Middle Eastern men, presumably Arabs, were arrested in explosive-packed vans in various places around the city on September 11th, and that some had even been photographing and celebrating those events. What most do not realize is that those reports were not mere rumors, and we now have thousands of pages of FBI, CIA and DOJ reports documenting those arrests.

    The men were spotted shortly after 8:46 AM, yet somehow at this early stage, just minutes after the first plane strike on the World Trade Center, they were already positioned in a parking lot in Liberty State Park, taking pictures of the towers and celebrating. They left the scene shortly after being spotted and at 3:31 PM the FBI issued an all points bulletin advising officers in the Greater New York area to be on the lookout for a “White, 2000 Chevrolet van…with ‘Urban Moving Systems’ sign on back.”

    At 3:56 PM, the van was spotted traveling eastward on State Route 3 in New Jersey and pulled over by Officer Scott DeCarlo and Sgt. Dennis Rivelli of the East Rutherford police department. Inside they found five men: Sivan Kurzberg and his brother, Paul, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner, and Omar Marmari.

    According to the police report of the incident, Sivan Kurzberg told Officer DeCarlo: “We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.”

    Their official story: they were just Israeli tourists working for a moving company who had heard about the first World Trade Center strike and rushed to get a better view of the events.

    Although this narrative is still trotted out when the story of the dancing Israelis is raised in the media, it is an easily demonstrable lie.

    FBI reports confirm that the men were not taking somber pictures of a horrific event. When their 76 pictures were developed, they revealed the men had indeed been celebrating; smiling, hugging each other, and high-fiving. One of the pictures even featured Sivan Kurzberg holding a lighter up with the burning tower in the background.

    And these were no ordinary tourists. Oded Ellner had $4,700 stuffed into his sock. They lied to the police about where they had been that morning. They were carrying plane tickets for immediate departure to different places around the globe. The FBI confirmed that two of the men had ties to Israeli intelligence and came to suspect that they had indeed been on a mission for the Mossad.

    And of course, after returning to Israel Ellner claimed on national Israeli TV that they had been sent there “to document the event.””


  3. Israel knew of the attack. Netanyahu put Hamas in power in the first place.

    Worldwide war is meant now to distract us from the collapse of civilization and the mass deaths resulting from the Covid vaccines.

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