Saint Padre Pio: “Satan will be introduced into the bosom of the Church, and will come to rule a false church”

Our Lady of Fatima came to warn us what needed to be done, and she was ignored. Russia was never properly consecrated to her Immaculate Heart by a true pope in union with all the bishops. Seven different popes disobeyed our Blessed Mother. How in the world does that happen? Our Lady of LaSalette warned us. Our Lady of Akita warned us. If you haven’t studied these messages, you really need to. Take a look around, and consider the fate we truly deserve.

Have you ever wondered, why did they lie when purportedly releasing the Third Secret in the year 2000? Think about this. JPII, via Ratzinger and Sodano, read out an explanation that wasn’t remotely plausible. What was the motive? Why not just say nothing? Why deploy an obvious deception, knowing you’d be caught, when you could have made up something much more convincing?

While we may not have the complete Third Secret of Fatima, we know enough to properly inform our consciences.  Which means we are then morally bound to make prudential judgments. We have an obvious, obvious antipope squatting on the chair. We are about to have a synodal antichurch spewing heresy in all directions. WWIII may have begun last night, with the US bombing of Iranian Guard positions in Syria. Go to Confession and do what you can to warn others. Act, and God will act.

Here is a fantastic clip from Dr. Mazza’s interview on the Joe McClane show yesterday. Listen and learn:

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    1. Fear caused P6 to promulgate a Protestant “liturgy” and heretical documents? I would think a true pope would fear offending God waaaaay more. But what do I know?

      1. Well apparently no pope from Benedict XV to John XXIII were as afraid of God as they were of temporal consequences.

        As far as P6 goes, it helps to notice that 1960 was the date Christ gave sister Lucia as the last chance to prevent lasting damage due to tbe Errors of Russia.

        P6 came in 1963, right? So the Church itself obviously has been damaged by those Errors.

        If you’re going to say P6 wasn’t a true pope based on offending God, you have to go back to 1917 and Benedict XV. Maybe you can start your sedevacantism then. Or maybe you don’t believe in Fatima.

  1. A few clues…

    “In Portugal, the Dogmas of the Faith shall always be preserved etc.” – Opening words of the 3rd Secret by Sr. Lucia

    “This does not concern my pontificate” – Attributed to Pope John XXIII upon reading the 3rd Secret.

    Sr. Lucia was scared. And remember – this is a woman who HAD SEEN HELL as a little girl.

    The only thing scarier than Hell, is the thought that you are going there.

    I shudder to write this myself… but what if the Sacraments and the Mass we depend on could be compromised? All those Confessions… All those Consecrations… The thought would drive me mad! I’d be on the ground weeping for the Lord Himself to come save us.

    Of course, we are given assurances that the Mass will always be out there somewhere. So it is more likely that the worst case scenario is that there is widespread compromise of the Mass and the Sacraments. This could indicate the Novus Ordo, or it could indicate whatever is coming next, building upon the Novus Ordo.

    Or it could be as simple as the widespread reduction in the number of priests, and we’ll be entering an era where there simply won’t be logistically enough priests to absolve sins and celebrate Mass. Instead, the synods will decree that laypeople can symbolically substitute these roles and put on an act of mimicry.

    So from the clues:
    1. Compromised Dogmas
    2. Something regarding the Papacy
    3. Scarier than seeing Hell

    Also of note, the fact that the Secrets encompassed the children seeing both Heaven and Hell, which may clue us in that the denial of Heaven and Hell as real physical places where beings with physical bodies must exist is part of the whole.

    I’d first keep an eye out for some gobbledegook that denies/sidesteps the Resurrection of the Body and rather emphasizes that Heaven and Hell are simply our souls existing in some psychological state that is, dude, “More Real” than “real.” Or as Jorge allegedly prefers, that those bound for Hell simply have their souls annihilated, but they only number a few rigid unmerciful folk.

    Anyway, for some reason we are to look towards Portugal, and not Rome, in the future. Some speculate that there might be another interpretation if the first words in the “etc.” begins with “if”, but I believe Divine Providence at least allowed us some visible sign to look for.

  2. That obviously fake Sister Lucia trotted out in the 1980s is another concern. The work of Dr Peter Chojnowski is a fascinating deep-dive into all the ways we’ve been deceived in this regard. I’ll try to find the link.

    1. The “new Vatican II” version of Sister Lucia was so laughably fake that it makes me wonder how anyone could have been deceived. They look completely unlike. The real Sister Lucia was probably martyred in the early 1960’s.

      My guess is that Catholics were deceived because we did not have widespread internet use until the late 1990’s, and people trusted that whatever they saw on television was real. If someone showed a picture of “Sister Lucia,” people would automatically trust that it was Sister Lucia. You would have to go to the library to find another picture to compare it with a new picture.

  3. The fake sister lucy is such a monstrous plot. That more than anything else makes me wonder and doubt P6 and JPII. I believe the fakery started even before Dr. Choj thinks it did, and that the fake sister lucy was the one interviewed by Fr. Fuentes, though I believe he was innocent of the fakery. Could the Popes have been fooled too, or were they in on it?

  4. Thinking about what we were told, are there many sedes in Portugal? Or does her promise mean that a few or even one sede who will not apostasize, thus preserving the dogmas of the faith? I think there would be at least one sede in Rome so the dogmas of the faith will be preserved there as well.

    Or how does one parse this statement if he believes Vatican II is heretical?

      1. I’m wondering how a classical sede interprets this, as there is no more apostolic succession left. If all it takes is a sede living in Portugal to preserve the faith, then anywhere sedes happen live will not lose the faith either.

  5. In 1963 St. Padre Pio mentioned Fatima in a public admonition to his spiritual sons amidst Vatican II:

    “Due to the rampant injustice and abuse of power, we have reached a compromise with atheistic materialism† a denial of the rights of God. This is the punishment foretold at Fatima. All the priests who support the possibility of a dialogue with the negators of God and with the Luciferian powers‡ of the world are mad, have lost their faith, no longer believe in the Gospel! In so doing they betray the word of God, because Christ came to bring on earth perpetual covenant only to men of heart, but did not join with the men thirsty for power and dominion over the brothers. The flock is dispersed when the shepherds ally with the enemies of the Truth of Christ. All the forms of power made deaf to the will of the authority of the heart of God are rapacious wolves that renew the Passion of Christ and make the Madonna shed tears.“ – Avvenire, 19 August 1978; Socci, Fourth Secret, p. 198

    † Communism / The Vatican-Moscow Agreement or Pact of Metz (Metz Accord), 13 August 1962
    ‡ Freemasonry

    1. “Causa l’ingiustizia dilagante e l’abuso di potere, siamo giunti al compromesso col materialismo ateo, negatore dei diritti di Dio. Questo è il castigo preannunciato a Fatima. […] tutti i sacerdoti che sostengono la possibilità di un dialogo coi negatori di Dio e coi poteri luciferini del mondo, sono ammattiti, hanno perduto la fede, non credono più nel Vangelo! Così facendo tradiscono la parola di Dio, perché Cristo venne a portare sulla terra perpetua alleanza solamente agli uomini di cuore, ma non si alleò cogli uomini assetati di potere e dominio sui fratelli […] il gregge è disperso quando i pastori si alleano con i nemici della Verità di Cristo. Tutte le forme di potere fatte sorde al volere dell’autorità del cuore di Dio sono lupi rapaci che rinnovano la passione di Cristo e fanno versare lacrime alla Madonna.” – Avvenire, 19 Agosto 1978; Antonio Socci, Il quarto segreto di Fatima, footnote# 350

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