If anyone should say that Truth is determined by “local cultures and contexts,” let him be anathema

But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you besides that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema. -Gal 1:8

I mean, talk about obliterating three of the four Marks of the True Church in one tweet.

UPDATE 13:48MST: The Germans finish the job, wiping out the Fourth Mark:


16 thoughts on “If anyone should say that Truth is determined by “local cultures and contexts,” let him be anathema”

  1. I find it hard to believe Christ will not return soon giving the purposeful destruction of the church that these men are committing. Bur soon could be 1000 years. I guess thats not soon enough is it. Still…its His church. He will care for it. Our job is pass along 5he true faith. Live it. Learn our true faith. Get materials that explain the true faith like baltimore catechism. Stay frosty. Find the latin rite and never leave it. Pray much. Become saints. Ignore irrelevant rome.

    1. Our job is ALSO to FIGHT on His behalf. These apostates need to be confronted and disgraced publicly and even made to suffer by all just available means until they repent or relinquish their offices and cast themselves out where they can harm the body of the Church no further, at least certainly NOT from within. DO NOT TOLERATE THEM. DO NOT IGNORE THEM. TRUE LOVE IS NOT COWARDICE OR APATHY. DO NOT ALLOW ACEDIA TO TAKE ROOT AND DISCOURAGE OURSELVES FROM EVER BEING CAPABLE OF BEING THAT SAINT WHO PUBLICALLY CONFRONTS THE SITUATION WHERE WE CAN! PRUDENCE DOESN’T ALWAYS MEAN INACTION OR PASSIVITY!

  2. I think it is worth noting that the US has put a 3rd carrier group in the middle east. I had no idea Hamas’ navy was that big. Not only that but China is sending its navy.

    Ukraine is part of this, somehow, which means Russia is.

    Albert Pike predicted the 3rd world War would have Muslims and Jews destroy themselves and in the end Christians would be disillusioned and apostasize. From the ashes would rise the Luciferian way, which I believe is the AntiChurch.

    Bergoglio is clearly establishing the AntiChurch. Clearly we are in Ww3. The antichrist is definitely alive and well somewhere. Which means Christ’s return is very very close.

    1. Like in Ukraine and Syria, it is war by proxy.

      China is betting big on a new silk road whose infrastructure they will build and control via access and heavy loans to poorer nations as well as using the Yuan for oil and energy instead of the petrodollar. Once the Saudis get on board, it’s game over. And the Saudis, Turks and Iranians side with Palestine.

      Russia is more discerning with it’s friendships and will reward loyalty and reasonable-ness and will no longer bend over or tolerate hostility or betrayal. Israel picked a side and supported the Ukronazis against Russia. So Russia cited this example to their face and declares that it will provide protection for Turkish vessels and aid to Palestine, but has an open offer of middlemanning negotiations between the two sides to achieve peace.

      As for Albert Pike and historic freemasonic connections to the devil, it seems that at least historically speaking, these may be forgeries by anti-Catholics attempting to sucker Church-goers. But even assuming that is the case, it is remarkable how well they line up with present reality. The irony being that what was born as a lie, was taken up in earnest, and now becomes the truth. Or an even more conspirationally minded take is that satanic plots must always be manifested in the open, but under cover of fabrication, so as ti have plausible deniability. Whatever the actual truth is, we can’t currently know. For an explanation of all that, see here:

      1. It’s not a forgery. By its very nature, Freemasonry is connected to the devil. And you should destroy any association you have with it. And if you are a Freemason, you should be excommunicated , or you should renounce it

  3. You know, there was someone who claimed to be a prophet called Maria Divine Mercy. Like the universal acceptance of Francis, everyone assumes she is a false prophet because of authoritative claims. I am not saying she is a true prophet, but based on her hit rate and other factors, she either had insider information or she’s legit.

    I spent many years discerning, and, if you are interested, you might also. She also claims Benedict was the last pope of the era.

  4. https://remnantdisciplesjtm.com/

    When you read the book of truth you will be tempted to reject it many times and from many angles, but I have found that many objections that seem strong get resolved when you research them. Took me years before I can honestly say neither demons or a person who is not aware of inside Masonic knowledge wrote it. Pray for discernment.

    1. The synod, well, “synodality” in general, was part of Lumen Gentium. All of this is simply applying V2. We talk about a “new clergy”, and the USCCB has on its website a page on Anglican “orders”. What does it say? That we can’t say Anglican” orders” aren’t null and void because Lumen Gentium redefined Catholic orders to be more Anglican. And what do Protestant clergy do? Listen to the laity and change doctrine to fit the laity’s ideas. I used to be Methodist. What is happening in Rome was part of the Methodist process. This is what to council wanted.

    2. Divine Mercy Chaplet and 4 sets of mysteries of the Rosary? Nah….
      I’ll stick with the 3 sets of 150 Aves that correspond to the number of the psalms, which were given by Our Blessed Mother to St. Dominic and Alan de La Roche. I’ve seen this before, it’s a little “sus” as the youngsters like to say.

      1. I never understood how John Paul II, who was so devoted to our Blessed Mother, could have come up with the idea of the Luminous Mysteries. It seems like an attempt to improve upon the rosary that Our Lady gave us. I never got that.

      2. At least read what is says about the future before you ignore it. It wasn’t until the scamdemic came that I realized I read a warning from a decade ago telling me to avoid a global vaccination program. It could come in handy next time these people manipulate through fear.

  5. This will apply to all except those who believe and worship as always has been done. They must be crushed The antichurch wants us to lose our souls. I need to remember this when deciding the best course of action,

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