Pfizer slashes earnings forecast because no one is taking the “boosters”

Since the new “vaccines” rolled out last month, only 4 million true believers showed up. That means the jab-happy are now only 1.1% of the population. It seems the sheep have finally woken up; maybe they take down the Ukraine flags from their profiles soon. -nvp

Pfizer slashes earnings and revenue guidance as Covid treatment, vaccine sales slump

“Pfizer said it expects revenue from the Covid treatment Paxlovid to come in $7 billion lower than previously anticipated, in part due to the return of doses labeled for emergency use by the U.S. government. It also said it anticipates sales of its vaccine, Comirnaty, will be $2 billion lower than previously expected because of lower-than-expected vaccination rates.Pfizer’s latest Covid booster became available in the U.S. last month, but the rollout has been rocky …”

4 thoughts on “Pfizer slashes earnings forecast because no one is taking the “boosters””

  1. Well I doubt anyone is waking up. You have to pay for these shots now. The government won’t subsidize them as they did in the past. Just my guess

      1. Mark you mean “free” to the consumer in many large medical networks – and yes, that is still the case.

        Vaxx uptake falling off a cliff is excellent news.

        If you haven’t seen Dr John Campbell’s interviews with Prof. Dalgleish in the last week or two, I recommend them all.

        Dalgleish goes into some of the technicals of how the immune system works and why the vaxx don’t work, and also boost cancer in some people.

        tldr; it comes down to 1) over-training & over-using of the antibody system, which diverts its resources away from your natural everyday fight against cancer, and 2) covid spike protein – generated by both natural covid illness, & stupidly by the vaxx too – being very bad for you.

        The good news is: just as your risk rises with the number of shots you get, your risk decreases with the number of shots you didn’t get.

        In my own words: zero is best, one is dumb, but forgettable for most people; two is dumb but put it behind you – sin no more; three is a death wish; etc.

        Some people could have some long term damage – but no, we’re not going to see 1/4 of population dropping in the streets or whatever all THAT hype stream was predicting.

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