Father Z. on the blackening of the dome of St. Peter’s

“I can attest that, at the time, and even the October ’22, that the cupola of San Pietro was getting markedly darker.  I spoke about this with The Great Roman™ who concurred.”

“I don’t want – in the first place – to run to the “It’s a sign of bad things that are being done!” camp.  That said, even if it is being caused by something explicable in natural terms, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t also “A sign of bad things that are being done!”

“After all, it was under that dome that a ritual bowl of a demonic cult was place on the altar, above the bones of the Apostle.  That can’t be good.     In the garden behind the Basilica there was a rite honoring a demon.  The demonic statuette was hauled into the Basilica and then also into the Synod (“walking together”) Hall pretty much drawing an X on the spot.

“Furthermore, and this veers into the subjective, in the rare times that I have forced myself to go to St. Peter’s over the last couple of years (e.g., to take care of something at the “Vatican Bank” where I have accounts or go to the Mass for the Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage) I have felt so creepy that didn’t even want to pass beyond the colonnade.   As a matter of fact, on my bank run, I didn’t.  I stood outside the square and looked in without entering and even then I felt like I had been spiritually slimed and that I needed a shower.  It was rather like there was an invisible fog to push into in order to be in the square.  I am not the only one I know who has had this same sensation near San Pietro…”

Read the rest: https://wdtprs.com/2023/09/ask-father-is-the-dome-of-st-peters-in-rome-turning-black/

5 thoughts on “Father Z. on the blackening of the dome of St. Peter’s”

  1. ‘Spiritually slimed’ and an oppressive fog is how I have felt and how the world has seemed to me since 2019, and it seems to get more intense. Nothing seems real anymore.

    The dome could be a metaphor for the world…

  2. Last time I visited St. Peter’s, a piece of the ceiling’s white ornamentation fell down and shattered into powder. It was crowded that day. Thankfully, no one was hurt. But it did cause quite a stir. An intriguing comment at Fr. Z’s suggests that the blackening can only be caused by copper in the roof mixing with sulfer. It would be interesting to know if this ever naturally occurred in the past and how it was handled.

  3. Another creepy natural sign nobody talks about was the Chelyabinsk meteor the exploded over Russia on February 15, 2023.

    1. Canadian Lady, I did not hear about this. Any information you have about the meteor is greatly appreciated 

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