Flu shot or not flu shot: Nurse Claire links to all the studies

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Flu shot shootdown, Part 2 – how safe are these things?

In part 1, of this series, I address the prevalence of influenza (exaggerated in order to drive the market for shots) as well as the efficacy of said shots (hint: not very).  While there may be a small amount of evidence indicating marginal benefit, are the risks really worth it?  I hope to provide some answers.

By now, most people are aware of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Site, more commonly known as VAERS.  Obviously, the dangerous COVID ClotShots have resulted in tens of thousands of VAERS reports, but before 2021, it was the HPV and flu vaccines that made up the bulk of the reports.  I’ll spare you having to comb thru VAERS (which is cumbersome and confusing, probably by design): as of August 2023, there have been more than 217,004 reports of influenza vaccine reactions, hospitalizations, injuries and deaths following influenza vaccinations made to VAERS, including 2,360 related deaths, 16,788 hospitalizations, and 4,666 related disabilities. Remember:  VAERS reports underestimate the real occurrence of adverse events because not all are reported.  Therefore the true number of deaths and disabilities is likely much higher.  One of the most cited serious adverse events from the flu vaccine is Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and I assure you it is not rare (having seen it myself) nor is it minor.  Here is a 15 minute snippet of one woman’s experience with GBS following the 1976 H1N1 vaccine:

Do you really think paralysis, even if temporary, is worth avoiding a few days of cough, fever, and achiness?

In addition, the flu vaccine has been linked to other serious effects like Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM), stroke, brachial neuritis, encephalopathy, arthritis, bullous pemphigoid, vasculitis, myocardial infarction, transverse myelitis, optic neuritis, Bell’s Palsy, and more. (sources linked below)

Admittedly, some side effects are mild and include a fever, fatigue, body aches and headache – all symptoms of the flu.  So then what’s the point of the shot?  If the shot causes the same symptoms as the infection, and there’s no evidence to suggest that the shot reduces mortality, hospitalizations, missed work, or transmission then what exactly is the point?

As a child, I learned that mercury is super toxic, and that if I broke Grandma’s mercury-containing thermometer a HazMat situation would ensue.   But that same toxic mercury is present in 50% of all flu shots.  Yep.  Mercury:  that super dangerous poison is still legally injected into unsuspecting vaccine recipients.  I guess it’s ok, though, since its name on the vaccine label is “thimerisol” which the FDA has declared as safe.  It caused such a scandal that in the early 2000s, it was removed from SOME flu vaccines, but not all.  The multi-dose vial of influenza vaccine does contain thimerisol, but the single-dose pre-filled syringes do not.  So, if you opt to get a flu shot this year, make sure to ask for the thimerisol-free formulation.

Mercury is just one of many additives or adjuvants present in the flu vaccine.  MF59, commonly known as squalene, has been in the flu vaccine since 2016.  Despite the CDC’s assurance that this substance is safe, some have linked this substance to lupus and other autoimmune disorders.  Studies have been done to indicate that repeated flu vaccines cause waning immunity over time, but few studies have been done to look at other adverse health effects (such as neurotoxic effects of aluminum), and none have been done to look specifically at repeat flu immunizations.  These shots contain aluminum, a known neurotoxin, yet despite vaccine mandates for healthcare workers, no one has bothered to study what happens when a person receives a yearly shot over the course of a decade (or more).  Is there a cumulative effect?    This study acknowledges that regarding children receiving their scheduled vaccines, not enough evidence exists to demonstrate the safety of injecting vaccines that contain both mercury (thimerisol) and aluminum – both of which are present in flu shots.  The authors call for further research, but I can only find one study that looked at cognitive impairment over the long term after vaccine-related aluminum exposure. Just one.  I guess when you don’t want to know the answer, it’s best to not ask the question.

The point, dear reader, is that there is insufficient data to say that these vaccines are indeed safe.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is either uniformed or dishonest.  I hope this information helps;  I don’t know many doctors who truly inform their patients about these injections and you absolutely will NOT receive this info at a Costco or CVS flu shot clinic.

Next, we will explore ways to enhance your immunity against the flu sans injection.


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  1. I saw the healthcare/life subscription model coming when car leasing and Pharma TV-adverts became a thing. Fully expect Carbon Credits to be a means of renting you the very air you breath. This is what happens when everything is monetized, everybody is out of money, and faith no longer exists.

  2. Tried to go to nurseclairesays.com tonight from Canada and got this error message;
    Prior access to the site has been normal since it’s inception.

  3. If the “shot” is a bioweapon how can you suggest it has marginal benefits?

    , ” While there may be a small amount of evidence indicating marginal benefit, are the risks really worth it? ”

    I understand different “batches” of the shot were produced – so are you suggesting that maybe one of the batches contained a serum effective against “the virus?”

    There is no “upside” to getting the virus: what are the “marginal benefits”? Perhaps by marginal benefits you include: 1) Keeping your job. 2) Maintaining relationships with “pro-vax” family and friends.

    A little “dumfounded” by your suggestion.

    Appreciative of any feedback.

    1. A bit of clarification. My comment should read, ” Natural immunity is an “upside” of getting the virus. ” There is no upside or no “marginal benefit”, in my opinion, to getting the vaccination.

      Thank you, Mark!

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