Nurse Claire shoots down the flu shot

“I’ve been wanting to make this post for quite awhile; I know many readers have questions about the flu vaccine and I also know a certain blogger priest claims the faithful have a duty to get the shot.   Therefore, I will be making this a multi-part series to look at the prevalence of the flu, the efficacy of the flu shot, its ingredients, risks, and side effects, and strategies to maximize your immunity independent of a vaccine.  I also will touch on the means of production, since I know many readers have concerns about the use of aborted fetal cell lines in vaccines.  First, though, let’s answer the questions regarding the prevalence of influenza and the efficacy of vaccination…”

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  1. Common sense: The medical establishment has been weaponized and lost it’s moral capital, as was made evident by the “Covid” hoax, and global guinea pigging of humanity. Except for scattered exceptions, they cannot be trusted. Neither can Big Pharma, nor the food industry. At this point, I would not trust any “vaccination” promoted by the Corporate-captured “CDC” or “FDA”. Seek alternative treatments, food sources, people.

  2. I’m not a nurse. But years ago, like the early 2000s I wondered why there weren’t vaccines for colds.

    And that led me to this truth. There cannot be a successful vaccine for any respiratory virus including the flu for many obvious reasons.

    For one, these viruses mutate, so the efficacy is short lived. More importantly, the vaccines don’t go anywhere your virus is. The virus doesn’t go into your bloodstream, the virus goes into your lungs, sinuses. And because of the blood/gas barrier the vax will never get to these areas.

    But what will happen is a potentially deadly auto immune response as your body’s immune system will think your entire body has a respiratory virus. Because your blood carries it everywhere.

    But hey, I just learned this from reading

  3. This is just anecdotal, but…I have never had a flu shot and have never had the flu. This includes thirty years of teaching children who as we all know are adorable little germ factories! But everyone I know who faithfully gets flu shots ends up getting the flu. And their explanation is always the same: this vaccine was made for the wrong variant because it is so hard to predict which variant will spread. It’s amazing how they rationalize this. My 80 year old father in law is sick at home from having a flu and a covid shot on the same day; the family is so glad he had these shots.

    Am I missing something?

    1. I had stomach flu when I was 15 and last year I had Covid. But guess what? I’m alive and well and I haven’t changed my DNA nor wiped out all of my T4 cells with a vaccine.

  4. I got a flu shot about 20 years ago. So did my wife. In was a teacher and son was she. We figured it was the “wise” thing to do. I got extremely sick immediately after, and so did she. We have never gotten another one. And we won’t let our kids have them either.

  5. I’m starting to realize that the mRNA jabs are just the more obvious lies promoted in the name of science, They have been using humanity as Guinea pigs for a long time, we are in fact comfortable with heavily processed food because “the science” sees no evidence for any problems. What are in “natural flavors”’ that they tell us in food labels? Aren’t all chemicals by definition natural? Heavily processed food is cheaper that unprocessed food because large food corporations can find ways to cut away costs by lowering quality in some way.

    Then we also see that modern medicine tries to synthesis compounds found in nature. This means that natural medicine do in fact work, but they are not “scientific”. For some time we’ve been told that lobotomies should be performed and appendices are useless, because that was the best “science” at the time. Vaccinations are based on injecting a weaker version of the virus into your so that your immune system learns to fight it. It’s “science”.

    Death, which is the cessation of the body’s vital processes, is now brain death (because a truly dead person’s organs cannot be harvested). The “science” agrees.

    If we don’t submit to “science” we will be hauled up to “reeducation” camps. There are so many fiendish things happening in the name of science. We hear that word and stop thinking.

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