Nurse Claire brings the receipts: Links to all the legit mask studies, to read and share when the madness returns, as it surely will

More on (moron?) masks

I was texting with a dear friend recently (who, coincidentally took me to my first TLM so very many years ago);  he sent me a few papers on the ineffectiveness of masks, which we all know but it’s still nice to see it in print.  The idea occurred to me to link them here for any readers who are fellow healthcare workers.  I’m posting these links so that you can print them out, leave them in your staff lounge or forward them on to colleagues, and I’ve added some links from a few other sources


Measuring the quantity of harmful volatile organic compounds inhaled through masks

The operating room environment as affected by people and the surgical face mask

The efficacy of standard surgical face masks: an investigation using “tracer particles”

Wearing of caps and masks not necessary during cardiac catheterization

Is use of surgical caps and masks obsolete during percutaneous heart catheterization?

Postoperative wound infections and surgical face masks: a controlled study

Do anaesthetists need to wear surgical masks in the operating theatre? A literature review with evidence-based recommendations

Patient surgical masks during regional anesthesia. Hygenic necessity or dispensable ritual?

Peritonitis prevention in CAPD: to mask or not?

Does evidence based medicine support the effectiveness of surgical facemasks in preventing postoperative wound infections in elective surgery?

Use of face masks by non-scrubbed operating room staff: a randomized controlled trial

Disposable surgical face masks for preventing surgical wound infection in clean surgery

Disposable surgical face masks for preventing surgical wound infection in clean surgery (2016)

Dubious effect of surgical masks during surgery (article in Danish)

Surgical attire and the operating room: role in infection prevention

Unmasking the surgeons: the evidence base behind the use of facemasks in surgery

Is a mask necessary in the operating theatre?

Possible toxicity of chronic carbon dioxide exposure associated with face mask use, particularly in pregnant women, children and adolescents – A scoping review

Is a Mask That Covers the Mouth and Nose Free from Undesirable Side Effects in Everyday Use and Free of Potential Hazards? 

Capillary carbon dioxide tension increases in hospital staff wearing filtering facepiece masks: a prospective crossover study

CO2 Levels Behind and in Front of Different Protective Mask Types



Etc, etc etc.  I could post for days with articles dating back prior to the flu pandemic of 1918.  We have known for over a century that MASKS DO NOT WORK TO STOP THE SPREAD OF AEROSOLIZED VIRUSES. The reader should also note that many of the above studies are looking at BACTERIAL infections that develop despite diligent masking in the operating room.  It is a scientific fact that viruses are smaller than bacteria by orders of magnitude.  Therefore, if a mask can’t stop a bacterial infection, it surely will not stop the transmission of teeny tiny aerosolized viral particles.

It should be readily apparent to everyone that the use of masks during the SCAMdemic had nothing to do with stopping the spread.  Instead, this was a very sophisticated psychological operation to dehumanize us, turn us against one another, and strike fear in everyone so they would readily accept the Kill Shot.

If you know any Masked Covidians, charitably send them these links. Encourage them to follow ACTUAL SCIENCE, not POLITICAL SCIENCE!


7 thoughts on “Nurse Claire brings the receipts: Links to all the legit mask studies, to read and share when the madness returns, as it surely will”

  1. Back when I made the decision to quit my job rather than comply, the studies were not relevant to my decision to do, or not do. I didn’t feel like masking. I didn’t feel like jabbing. Anyone else’s opinion about my family and I was not relevant. And that was that.

    Especially not relevant was anyone else’s claimed authority over me and mine. The more they said I had to, the more I knew I wouldn’t ever. Not even my SSPX Priest could persuade me to jab (he tried).

    This is very, very personal and no one else’s business how we deal with data and conscience.

    In reference to the video above – more anecdotal proof of America’s new violent fascist tendencies – I recommend this article which may “inoculate” you from the next open-ended wave of insane compulsion.

    Advice from Solzehnitsyn on how to remain sane and yourself in the midst of totalitarian tyranny – good stuff, no matter how bad this current craze might get.

    1. Jeff Childers’ Coffee & Covid Substack had a nice discussion on South Africa’s defective Pfizer contract that officially acknowledges ignorance of serum effectiveness and safety, and also places all liability for use of their serum on the user; any future Tort claims and associated legal expenses are to be covered by the government; Pfizer is indemnified from all liability.

      Here is one of the relevant paragraph excerpts:

      “5.5 Purchaser Acknowledgement.
      Purchaser acknowledges that the Vaccine and materials related to the Vaccine, and their components and constituent materials are being rapidly developed due to the emergency circumstances ofthe COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to be studied after provision of the Vaccine to Purchaser under this Agreement. Purchaser further acknowledges that the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known. Further, to the extent applicable, Purchaser acknowledges that the Product shall not be serialized.”

      This S Africa contract was likely identical to that signed by all other governments. Summary: “We don’t know; don’t care; if it doesn’t work, not our fault; if it harms you, it’s not our problem”.

      Link to the fantastic Coffee & Covid Substack:

      Again: whether anyone chooses to, or chooses not to us nobody else’s business but themselves. We are not required to justify our decision and prove our data is better than the cultists’ data. Our decision on the disposition of our body and life is private and sacrosanct – no one else has a say … emergency be d****d.

  2. The YouTube video is denied to me in Canada What is it. How might I search for it on a different platform.? Looks like I’ll need to get a VPN. thanks for the other links.

    1. The youtube was just a clip of a man being removed from a public bus in philly for not wearing a mask, two years ago.

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