1600 scientists sign global declaration: “There Is No Climate Emergency”

You won’t hear about THIS from lamestream media!

1600 scientists, doctors, and engineers helpfully explain that the last “little ice age” ended only in 1850, so of course temp trends tend to be a little higher. Also, models only model what the model makers put into the models. Never forget that. Lastly, CO2 is not a “pollutant” … it’s plant food. This is something earlier generations learned in grade four.


Blessed Labor Day, everyone. “Every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labor, it is the gift of God.” Eccl. 3:13

7 thoughts on “1600 scientists sign global declaration: “There Is No Climate Emergency””

  1. Reality is quite different from what you learn in school. The business of journalists is not to report the truth but to practice public relations. To trust authorities is not to be humble but to be naive. Philanthropy is a good mask to wear when you want to harm others. The bigger the lie the more people will believe it.

  2. It don’t matter to them, because they only trust “Expurts.”

    And what makes one an Expurt?

    Adherence to government fiat dogma.

    Therefore these are not Expurts. And this is proof that they are mentally incapacitated and have their qualifications revoked!

    Look at these Expurts. They declared that this girl should die on their terms, but she has refused to adhere to their Expurtise. Therefore this constitutes proof that she cannot reason and therefore must die against her will! Pray!

  3. Guess what percentage of the atmosphere is made up of CO2…

    It’s .04%!!!! Yes, .04…not even 1 percent!

    I nearly fell off my chair weeks back when a someone in a video mentioned it. Had to google it. Yup!

  4. Of course climate change is a hoax. It’s all about controlling the masses and preventing us from driving long distances, or at all. And trying to end meat consumption.

    Give it time and they’ll shut down the gas stations altogether. So unless you have these electric cars, you won’t be able to travel to different states. Blackouts will become a more regular thing.

    The husband, kids and I refuse to take an airplane, so we travel to see family via road trip. Savoring each one until we can’t anymore. I will never board a plane again. Between unruly passengers, lugging multiple car seats, masks, the tsa… it’s much nicer taking a long drive.

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